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What We Do

TopOPPS Product Suite

TopOPPS sales forecasting and pipeline management utilizes machine learning for predictive analytics and prescriptive insights. TopOPPS solves pipeline visibility problems, separating the opportunities most likely to close from both those that require attention and clutter that should be removed. TopOPPS algorithms show your sales team how to win with data-driven sales forecasting and targeted coaching, getting your sales process to its most effective performance level. With better sales forecasting comes better sales management – you’ll sell more and sell faster with TopOPPS.

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Sales Process Workflow

Make it easy for your reps to win. Connect, align and automate activity of your sales reps and guide them with prescriptive analytics.


Pipeline Management

Dramatically improve visibility for the entire sales team. Ensure  resources are applied only to the deals with the highest probability to close.


Predictable Forecast

Utilize machine learning, history, velocity and activity to increase forecast accuracy, resulting in revenue growth and faster sales cycles.

The Tool Sales Teams Love

“With TopOPPS, I get better visibility on my pipeline and more accurate forecasting because it’s easier to track opportunity progress and rep activity.”
Ralph Manno
Vice President of Sales at Interactive Intelligence

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