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"My team doesn’t live in in the CRM anymore. They live in TopOPPS because it is so easy to update information, specifically the deal variables you need to know about, and all the reports we used to do are rolled up in one place now"
Mark Kosoglow - VP of Sales, Outreach
How Outreach Uses TopOPPS
"With TopOPPS, I get better visibility on my pipeline and more accurate forecasting because it’s easier to track opportunity progress and rep activity."
Ralph Manno - VP of Sales, Interactive Intelligence
How Interactive Intelligence Uses TopOPPS
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"Our sales team strives to keep the Alerts in TopOPPS at a minimum which keeps our pipeline data clean. This has enabled our TopOPPS forecast to serve as a better source of truth as it pertains to the overall health our pipeline."
Meghan McGuire - Sales Operations Manager, Eventbrite
"Standardizing our sales process got everyone on the same page on the best way to sell. In result, our cycle times are shorter because we're losing bad deals earlier and dedicating more attention to good deals. TopOPPS quickly got our sales operations team off of spreadsheets which made our whole organization more efficient."
Ryan Smith - Sales Operations Manager, Clinicient
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"I like having everything in one place. I used to have to build multiple CRM reports, put them in a Dashboard and then click into each one to see detail. Now I can see everything in one view, which is something I really enjoy. And I like the suggestions, because it doesn’t just provide data, but also actionable recommendations, which saves me and everybody else a lot of time manipulating the data and making sense of it."
Jeff Dolan - VP of Sales Operations, Degreed
How Degreed Uses TopOPPS
"It is ridiculous how easy it is to update via TopOPPS. It is the only place that my team goes to keep their "world" updated. After 3 months using TopOPPS, we reduced our sales cycle time in half (54%) and cut time spent on bad deals by 48%."
Matt Dooley - EVP of Sales, Buckner Companies
How Buckner Uses TopOPPS
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"TopOPPS equates to increased pipeline reliability and less month end work for me. Overdue opportunities have dropped to essentially zero and I am assured nothing falls through the cracks. "
Curt Westberg - VP of Sales, Dexter + Chaney, Inc.

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