Artificial Intelligence for Sales Forecasting & Pipeline Management

TopOPPS Streamlines Pipeline Management from End-to-End, Enabling You to Hit Your Forecast

With integrations such as AI guided analytics, in-email sentiment analysis, and sales rep coaching and insights, TopOPPS provides the most comprehensive and accurate sales forecasting and pipeline management solution.

Comprehensive Visibility in the Pipeline

Predictability in the Sales Forecast

Easier Pipeline Updates for Sales Reps

Work your deals, not your CRM with TopOPPS.

TopOPPS was built to work for your unique sales pipeline.

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ZoomInfo hits revenue goals in stride with AI from TopOPPS

Peter Weyman, Chief Revenue Officer at ZoomInfo

DSI achieves funnel visibility & forecast certainty on NetSuite CRM

Megan Remy, Vice President of Global Operations at DSI

Gartner: 2018 Hype Cycle for CRM Sales

This Hype Cycle will help application leaders supporting sales organizations assess the relative maturity and business impact of sales technologies.

SiriusDecisions: Foundation of an Accurate Forecast

SiriusDecisions Service Director, Dana Therrien, illustrates the foundation of an accurate sales forecast as developed by the team at SiriusDecisions. Learn how artificial intelligence changes how sales teams operate on a daily basis.

Work Your Deals, Not Your CRM

Mark Kosoglow from and Jim Eberlin from TopOPPS teamed up to show sales leaders how to eliminate the burden of CRM compliance on sales reps so they can reinstate the strategic (and fun) part of selling!  This article discusses the recipe for proper opportunity execution and how to measure it.