Our mission is to reinstate confidence in Sales Forecasting Pipeline Management.

It all started with Jim Eberlin…

After founding two market leaders in Silicon Valley, Gainsight and Host Analytics, Jim Eberlin continued to experience challenges with the sales forecasting process. As a serial entrepreneur, Jim knew it was time to tackle sales’ greatest challenge – sales forecast accuracy. With the help of many sales experts, Jim decided he would start another company that would address sales forecasting challenges.

The TopOPPS mission is to help sales organizations operate the sales period with confidence and predictability.

  • Make it easier for reps to execute deals
  • Understand how the marketing and sales funnel flows
  • Gain significantly more visbility into sales rep pipelines
  • Automate the sales forecast so it is always accurate and up-to-date
Jim-Eberlin-Headshot 2
Jim Eberlin
Founder & CEO of TopOPPS

We are passionate about making sales teams more successful.

Sales is notoriously unpredictable, until now. With the power of artifical intelligence, automation and guided selling, TopOPPS is helping sales reps execute faster and win more deals.

Our Contagious Culture

At TopOPPS, we believe the best results come from the happiest employees. Our team is energized and fun, but hungry to win with a passion for what they do. We are a diverse group of super talented people aligned with three core values:

Truth   Performance  Respect