TopOPPS + Brainshark, AI for Sales Enablement

AI for Sales Enablement

Creating a high-performing sales organization is difficult with traditional training and coaching technology.  Traditional methods are challenged in a number of ways:

  • Training & delivery methods don’t account for individuals’ learning styles
  • It assumes a one-size-fits all approach
  • It does not provide individual “in the moment” delivery of training and sales content when sales reps and prospects are most attentive to receive it.

TopOPPS + Brainshark expand sales enablement capabilities by using activities & process about the buyer/seller journey to deliver improved “in the moment” sales training and sale content and delivery.  TopOPPS + Brainshark deliver an AI based holistic sales enablement program focused on sales content delivery, and sales rep training and performance coaching.  The results improve the execution and effectiveness of sellers in all phases of the sales process.


“In The Moment” Coaching, Training and Content

AI for in the moment sales coaching

Taking Actions

When the sales rep selects the training or content alert it opens a dialog box allowing to take action. From this dialog box the user can launch a training video or take action on content suggestions

Pipeline View

The pipeline view provides a kanban board of the sales pipeline. Each opportunity is represented by a tile. The tiles can be organized by sales stage, sales category view, sales rep, etc. Actionable alerts are associated with each tile. Alerts include "In the Moment" sales content suggestions to send opportunities and "In the Moment" training.

"In The Moment" Content"

The AI driven alerts make suggestions on the right content to send at the right time based on the opportunity stage and activity. Our alerts also allow the user to take immediate action to resolve the alert

"In The Moment" Training

As part of the AI driven alerting engine the system suggest training for the sales rep to take based on specific opportunity situations. More importantly, action can be taken from this alert by clicking on it.

"In The Moment" Alerts

The alerts icon show the total number of Alerts to be completed. Included in those alerts are "In The Moment" coaching alerts for the sales rep and content alerts for the sales rep to send the opportunity.

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The object of “in the moment” training and content delivery is to provide the sales reps and sales teams with the content and training they need – right when they need it, and to capture the attention of the prospect or train the sales rep on a particular sales area/situation they are confronted with.  AI driven “In the moment” training and content delivery is designed to provide a simple path to success, with tools that empower the rep with skills, knowledge and resources to perform at the highest level.  AI-powered Content Management serves up the right content to send your prospects at the right time.


Performance Based Sales Rep and Sales Team Insights

The objective of performance based coaching insights is to help the sales team focus on the proper learning and coaching path with the help of AI and to monitor their actual performance growth by the numbers.  Applying AI-powered foundational learning uses AI to pinpoint areas to improve – to win more and win faster.

AI driven sales performance coaching

TopOPPS + Brainshark Coaching View

The coaching view helps identify strengths and weaknesses of each team member with AI driven sales insights to help them improve and understand their readiness to sell. It also combines Brainshark's training metrics to understand how their training is progressing plus it shows the trend of 20+ sales metrics to understand the impact of the training

Sales Rep Performance Trend

TopOPPS provides trend for 20+ sales measures like conversion rates, push rates, average opportunity measures, win rates, etc. These measures are available at the sales rep, sales team, territory or sales group levels. Each measure can be compared across reps or teams for detailed peer-to-peer analysis

Performance Based Training Insights

AI generated provide insight on the sales rep or sales team trends and also recommend Brainshark training modules to help enhance results in the area of the insight.

Brainshark Training Metrics

The Brainshark Metrics on the coaching screen are designed to track training processes and knowledge retention to understand the readiness of each sales rep and sales team's ability to sell at the highest level.

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The results from patterns identified by AI in past sales processes, when fed into training and coaching algorithms, help improve training recommendation and coaching suggestions to increase sales rep efficiency and guide them to meet prospects wherever they are in the buying journey.

Where 1 + 1 = 3 in the Sales Application Stack — Sales Enablement

Sales enablement [sales rep coaching, training and sales content], delivered “in-context” to the sales forecasting, sales pipeline management and CRM processes expand sales enablement capabilities by using information about buyer sell engagement to deliver better sales results.

Webinar: Raise Your Sales Coaching & Sales to the Next Level

Sales Rep coaching and training is key to both sales efficiency and effectiveness.  Hear real stories and learn practical skills from industry experts to boost your sales coaching and training competency to the next level of sales efficiency and drive sales.

The Future of Sales Rep Coaching

In a sales environment where the rolodex is replace by CRM and sales processes are more automated, sales coaching is in a position where it needs to adapt to the times. Current research suggests that millions are lost due to a lack of formal coaching.