Looking for an alternative to Aviso or Clari? Meet TopOPPS.

Before committing to our competition, consider these reasons customers are switching to TopOPPS. TopOPPS is a much more intelligent and extensive forecasting solution over anything else available in the market. Our unique pipeline hygiene algorithms clean up the data and offer suggestions to update and make the pipeline much more accurate. TopOPPS provides insights to make sure the pipeline contains only real and active opportunities and keeps everyone on the same page. TopOPPS provides an accurate assessment of what the current pipeline will yield and when opportunities will close - as well as predict when future opportunities will be generated and closed.

Looking into Aviso or Clari?

Here Are 4 Questions To Consider First

Do they offer more visibility on the deal level?

Valuable insights about the pipeline and what's happening at that level are brought to the surface for sellers and managers to get a better understanding of the top opportunities so an impactful decision can be made in time.

Will your opportunities be constantly enriched with accurate data and prospect communication?

TopOPPS automatically enriches opportunities with all of the information that increases the probability of a close and to train the algorithms for better insights. This helps sellers and managers concentrate on the right deals and strategize for the close. Opportunity enrichment includes automatic updates of contacts, roles, related emails, related meetings on the calendar and other important missing data needed to better understand the quality of activity within opportunities.

Will you be notified of positive or negative sentiment to better understand what's going on with deals in the pipeline?

TopOPPS sentiment analysis for opportunities is more sophisticated than anything else on the market. It identifies positive and negative sentiment from related emails, notes and other sources to better understand what's going on with the opportunity.

Will they provide comprehensive insights that will guide sellers to win more?

TopOPPS provides valuable insights to coach sellers on next steps and right behaviors while helping managers to understand more about the pipeline. The machine learning will analyze data in the CRM, email, calendar and other sources. In addition, packaged and custom rules are available to provide additional valuable insights and guided behaviors.

TopOPPS offers this breadth of functionality at a much lower price.
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