Looking for an alternative to Aviso or Clari? Meet TopOPPS

Before committing to Aviso or Clari, consider these reasons that customers are switching to TopOPPS.

  • TopOPPS infuses AI throughout the entire sales process, starting with NLP (Natural Language Processing) for sentiment analysis on emails to AI driven “wargaming” of the sales forecast.
  • We imbed intelligence to identify the buying team through ZoomInfo and our proprietary email matching algorithms
  • Our unique pipeline hygiene algorithms clean up the data and offer suggestions to update and make the pipeline more accurate.
  • TopOPPS provides an accurate assessment of what the current pipeline will yield and when opportunities will close – as well as predict when future opportunities will be generated and closed.


Thinking about Implementing Aviso or Clari?

Here Are 4 Questions To Consider First

Highly graphical and intuitive sales pipeline visibility to support sales forecasting

Do they offer more visibility on the opportunity?

Valuable insights about the pipeline, and what is happening are brought to the surface for reps and managers to have a better understanding of top opportunities and key next steps.

TopOPPS captures detail email content and ties it to the opportunity and contact so Sales Managers can review the opportunities and strategize with their sales reps on next steps versus wasting time interrogating the sales rep on the opportunity.

Is their AI a “black box” or a “glass box”.  TopOPPS AI is a “glass box” because knowing what drives the results is important.


Will your opportunities be constantly enriched with accurate data and prospect communications?

TopOPPS automatically enriches opportunities with information in realtime to increase the probability of a close, alert everyone if conditions on an opportunity change and to train algorithms for better insights.

Opportunity enrichment includes automatic update of contacts, roles, emails, meetings on the calendar and other important missing data to better understand the quality fo the activity within opportunities.  Opportunity enrichment is used in TopOPPS AI calculate opportunity Health Score to help Sales Reps and Managers understand the probability too close.  This enrichment includes complete text for the email or calendar so managers can make their own decisions on the nature of the interaction.

This helps sales reps and managers focus on the right opportunities and strategize for the close.


Sales opportunities are constantly enriched to create an accurate sales pipeline

Will you be notified of positive or negative sentiment to better understand what’s going on with opportunities in the pipeline?

TopOPPS sentiment analysis leverages NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand the positive or negative sentiment of the emails, notes and and customer interactions. This information is used to create to proactively create alerts when an opportunity is regressing and needs attention.

Will they provide you comprehensive insights that guide the sales rep to win more?

TopOPPS provides valuable insights and AI driven alerts to coach sales reps on next steps and the right behaviors to guide the buyer along the buyer/seller journey.

These insights are driven by Machine Learning on data in CRM, email, calendar and other sources.  They are provided in context to the opportunity so sales managers don’t waste time on 1:1’s interrogating the sales rep on opportunity status.


TopOPPS provides comprehensive insight in the sales pipeline to guide the seller to win more

TopOPPS offers this breadth of functionality at a much lower price than Aviso or Clari.

TopOPPS is excited to announce their inclusion in the following Gartner reports:

Under the category of “Sales Predictive Analytics”:

  • “The Gartner CRM Vendor Guide, 2018”
  • “Hype Cycle for Customer Experience Analytics, 2018”
  • Hype Cycle for CRM Sales, 2018
  • “Hype Cycle for Midsize Enterprises, 2018

Under the category of “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Improve Overall Sales Effectiveness”:

  • “Tech Go-to-Market: 3 Ways to reimagine Sales Enablement Strategies to Win More Deals and Shorten Sales Cycles”
  • “4 Ways to Optimize Sales Enablement to Win More Deals”

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