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We Have Needs Too!

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What the Non-Management Customer Needs to Succeed

The two major problems that arise for a non-manager level individual using applications are the “why”: a general lack of understanding as to why certain processes have been put in place, and the “how”: the difficulty of inputting data into the CRM. This difficulty is caused largely by a non-intuitive interface and the large amount of time the input can require. As a result of these problems, an application could be underused, ignored or discarded by non-managerial employees. This trend becomes apparent through analysis of the platform and the tools it has available to enhance its user experience.

TopOPPS is designed to be used by both sales representatives and managers. Therefore, explaining how and why they should use the tool to both parties should become a streamlined process. If the management staff understands why processes exist, and how to use them, they will be able to effectively relay this to their sales representatives. They consequently become vital in representing this “why” and “how” of the application, and ensuring that the sales reps thoroughly grasp what they need to do.

The “how” issue concerns the struggle for non-management staff with data input. If the sales reps are unable to use the tools for data input, they will abandon the application, which will then be rendered useless for their managers. The management staff will therefore have to strive to make sure their reps understand not only why they need to receive the information, but also how to enter it in an easy and efficient manner. So, once again, the focus lies in making sure the mangers fully understand how to use the tools of the application, and that they are able to successfully explain this to their sales reps, enhancing an integrated professional relationship.

Once this has been accomplished, the sales reps should be willing and able to use the functions of the application, while the managers are given essential information and feedback in excellent time. The eventual aim of this is for managers to be able to move onwards from struggling to keep updated with information, to analyzing their business process and making changes accordingly. TopOPPs will be helpful to the sales reps in communicating effectively to their managers, and this should be emphasized as a motivational factor in their coming to terms with the technology.

If a single tool could tackle these issues for both sales reps and managers by helping to ease the usability of the application, this would increase the chances of success for this tool, and the organization as a whole.