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Collibra Leverages Artificial Intelligence to Manage & Hit Quarterly Numbers

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Collibra’s sales operations team faces many challenges that most fast-paced sales organizations experience every sales period. Led by Erica Boccard in their New York office, Collibra needed predictability in their sales outcomes, more effective sales meetings and better visibility in sales rep’s pipelines. Being a Data Governance Company, Collibra knew they could only be as effective as their CRM data, or as Erica puts it, “we needed to build enough trust in the data to where it unlocks its full potential to drive competitive advantage for our sales team”. Now, a customer of TopOPPS, Collibra is leveraging artificial intelligence to help her sales team become more effective and predictable.

TopOPPS has become the go-to interface to get actionable data into Collibra’s CRM. Sales reps are accessing and updating their deals in a variety of ways now – but their admin time is dramatically reduced by information automatically flowing into the CRM from their email, calendar, phone and historical data. “Before we were just hoping sales reps would update their deals a few times a week in the CRM – and typically, they would update things after management would produce important forecast reports. Now we are getting opportunity information in real time, and the reps really enjoy the insights from TopOPPS on which deals to commit and pay attention to.”

The sales leaders Erica’s team supports have quickly found the value in the TopOPPS forecast, who previously struggled to identify changes in their sales forecast spreadsheets, i.e. decreases in deal amounts, multiple small deals pushing,  or large deals slipping, etc. Erica explains this in detail, “With TopOPPS, they too have a clean visual display of all of the key deals we need to discuss during forecast calls. We can easily switch from one Manager to another.  Commits are added to the sales forecast by each Regional Manager and roll-up to the CRO’s number. This is then displayed alongside TopOPPS predictive number which can help them to be more accurate with their expectations.” Managers really rely on TopOPPS to validate the reality of a deal closing and send signals when a committed deal is in trouble or should be changed.

“Along with weekly forecast calls, our QBRs have also taken a one-eighty. Previously it was difficult to stick to a productive agenda, track progress and stick to the allotted time, we now run our QBRs on a tight schedule focused on the right deals and metrics that drive the quarter’s performance. This has allowed our sales team to become more focused on winning sales and improving performance with accurate analytics, instead of wasting their time on the wrong opportunities.”

Erica’s team is implementing MEDDIC sales methodology into their process through TopOPPS, and said “we will leverage TopOPPS to enforce this methodology into our process and to ensure successful rep adoption. TopOPPS has been one of the easiest and well adopted solutions by our sales reps to date.”