TopOPPS + ZoomInfo for buyer team tracking

Buyer Team Tracking

ZoomInfo and TopOPPS partner to solve Buying Team identification

Now sales teams can automatically capture contacts on opportunities for all members of the buying team, ensure sales reps are calling the right titles in their opportunities, and determine which campaigns are producing the best opportunities for the sales team to close.  The time has come for Sales + Marketing to finally align!


Ever had an opportunity restart to the “qualification” stage when you thought it was ready to close because there were two members of the buying team that weren’t part of the discussions.  ZoomInfo + TopOPPS provide real-time visibility and tracking of buying team with artificial intelligence so this won’t happen again.


Enrich buying team information on deals

  • TopOPPS has integration to ZoomInfo built-in to the  TopOPPS interface.  TopOPPS AI identifies missing roles in the buying team.  ZoomInfo provides contact information to fill-in those key roles.
  • Identifying the right roles for the buying team can mean the difference between closing an opportunity this quarter vs restarting the sales process all over again because roles were missing in the sales presentations.
  • Sirius Decisions calls this the Demand Unit.  Gartner says buying groups typically consist of 12.5 members.


TopOPPS allows you to add buying team members from ZoomInfo from within the opportunity
TopOPPS AI validates missing roles on opportunities and allows you to fill them in from ZoomInfo

TopOPPS AI validates missing roles on opportunities

Opportunity Validation & Strategy

  • TopOPPS+ZoomInfo provide signals for opportunity readiness and continuous qualification by sales stage throughout the sales cycle analyzing sentiment and activity against appropriate roles behavior, detecting a lack of involvement by key roles that could slow down the sales cycle.
  • By leveraging AI for compliance tracking of activities across the buying team the sales team can spend more time winning.  Managers and reps can focus on what matters – how to win and not bogged down with low-value activity to track status.

10 Steps of a Winning B2B Sales Process

As the B2B buyer’s journey continues to evolve, it’s critical to develop a dynamic playbook for your sales team. Jim Eberlin, Founder & CEO of TopOPPS and Steve Lincoln, Sales Leader at ZoomInfo, discuss the new buyer/seller relationship and reveals the tactics and technologies that empower business development professionals to identify, connect, and engage with decision makers at high-value accounts.

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