Sales Pipeline Coverage… are we just humoring ourselves?

What’s your pipeline coverage?  We all feel good about 3x pipeline.  But what did you do to confirm the quality of that 3x pipeline?  Most sales leaders are burdened with spending a lot of time vetting opportunities with reps.  Considering all the other work that has to be done to fill and convert the pipeline – there’s hardly time left to thoroughly inspect it.  There is a better way – the following is a plan I use and that is being used by many successful sales leaders I know to ensure that there’s enough quality pipeline to hit the number.   

To find out if there’s enough pipeline to cover the number – we focus on the following:

  1. Of my list of opportunities – how many are qualified to include in my coverage?  Are the reps just miraculously showing 3x coverage because I tell them to have 3x?
  2. Can these opportunities really close in this period?
  3. Are the reps closing out all the junk?  How much is new vs. existing pipeline?  Of the existing pipeline, how many have pushed from previous periods?
  4. Which deals have momentum (how old, how long in a stage) and which are going stale?

We assume that if we have 3x coverage – these things will work themselves out and we’ll address them in our weekly sales meeting/forecast call/pipeline review and 1:1s.  But how can we be sure we’ll really purge all the bad opportunities and focus on the real opportunities – while having confidence that we have the right coverage to meet our number?  Please enter your email to immediately be redirected to the full guidebook and to receive a link to your inbox.

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The Sales Process Evaluation Guidebook: How to Create a Winning Sales Process


Download this guidebook for a sales process evaluation with practical recommendations to help you identify the current state of your sales process, understand the areas in need of improvement, and take the necessary execution steps to positively impact revenue.

With this evaluation you will learn how to:

  1. Formalize your sales process and track the steps within each stage
  2. Deploy effective, data driven enablement tactics that will benefit sales reps
  3. Foster greater internal alignment throughout the funnel – Marketing > SDR > Sales > Customer Success
  4. Minimize customer churn by eliminating the variability in the way you sell

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Guidebook: Sales Forecasting Solution: How to Become Best-in-Class


What would a 11-13% increase in quota attainment, win rate and revenue plan attainment mean to your business? On a $10M quota for the sales team, this could mean $1.1M to $1.3M in more revenue. And what if you could achieve this without adding sales resources or spending more on marketing? It would be absolutely gamechanging.Download this guidebook to identify the obstacles you have to mitigate immediately to achieve predictable and accurate sales forecasts. Proven by over a decade of research, the following four steps are necessary to become best-in-class in sales forecasting:

  1. Regular rep and manager forecast reviews
  2. Standardized ranking to classify all sales opportunities and leads
  3. Process to improve discovery activities to better predict deal outcomes
  4. Automated reminders

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AI for Sales Forecasting and Sales Process Execution

Artificial Intelligence for sales forecasting builds trust and confidence.   If you can trust what you see in the pipeline and that your pipeline is filling at the appropriate rate with qualified leads that fit your ideal customer profile, you can have confidence that you’ll hit your number.

AI for Sales Forecasting & Sales Process Execution  provides a 6 step guide to empower sales teams with:

  • An enforced sales process
  • Prescriptive insights for better performance
  • Superior pipeline data hygiene
  • Easier pipeline/CRM updates
  • Captured signals of real deal health
  • Accurate analysis of the funnel by rep and by time

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive  full access to Gartner’s research on the B2B Predictive Analytics Market 
 to learn if and how artificial intelligence is right for your sales organization.

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How to Increase Conversions Throughout the Sales Process

Download this guidebook for the recipe to achieve a formal, consistent and winning sales process.According to CSO Insights research, only 48% of sales reps hit quota, due to an informal sales process.  By implementing a formal process, quota achievement increases to over 60% of the team, and if you add supporting automation on top of that, it will increase an additional 10% or higher and save a ton of time.

Sales teams need consistency so that everyone is doing the same thing and everyone knows where deals belong. Now managers can measure deal conversions, advancements, and regressions to find where deals get stuck – and ultimately make the pipeline and forecast accurate and useful.

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6 Strategies to Building Your Sales Forecast

For many, it’s that time again… It’s time to forecast for next quarter. For serious sales leaders, this is no trivial task.

Credibility in hitting the number is absolutely the most important thing for a sales leader.  And these leaders that hit their number regularly, don’t have it easy.  It’s usually a grind with a mad scramble at the end of the quarter to hit plus or minus 5%.

Download this guidebook for tips and strategies so building and managing the forecast won’t be such a painful process. If you can trust what you see in the pipeline and that your pipeline is filling at the appropriate rate with qualified leads that fit your ideal customer profile, you can have confidence that you’ll hit your number.

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The Practical Guide for Analyzing the Pipeline

Download this guidebook for 5 fundamental components to  understanding your pipeline and predicting early on if you’ll hit your number. Your pipeline analytics should answer these 4 questions with precision:

1. How much new and total pipeline do we need, and will we have enough?

2. Is the pipeline filling at the appropriate rate?

3. Where are deals getting stuck in the pipeline so I can change or coach on those sales activities?

4. Am I converting what’s in the pipeline at the necessary rate?

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The Sales Manager’s Guide to Maximize Sales Performance

Download this guidebook for 5 practical strategies that will help blow out your number and get the entire team exceeding quota.

  • Framework for coming up with the number
  • The effects of Average Selling Price (ASP) and sales cycles
  • Understanding the movement of deals in the pipeline
  • Key sales performance metrics
  • What to track to stay ahead of the game

Using these data-driven best practices, you’ll be able to keep score, react in time to fill gaps and have confidence as you guide your team.

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