Right now, thousands of sales reps are working with TopOPPS!

TopOPPS provides AI for Sales.  It is a sales pipeline management and forecast predictability solution that uses machine learning algorithms to automate the collection of CRM data, bring clarity to the sales pipeline, alignment to the sales process and accuracy to the forecast.

TopOPPS is listed as a vendor by Gartner under the Sales Predictive Analytics category. *

The TopOPPS Platform:

  • Improves CRM data capture by 400%** and provides automated updates and sentiment analysis based on machine-learning
  • Provides amplified sales pipeline visibility that focuses sales teams on the opportunities with the highest likelihood to close and enforces sales process consistency resulting in 59%** quicker time to win
  • Increase forecast accuracy up to 180 days out by 32%** using AI driven insights based on data from past performance
To be successful jumpstarting your revenue engine, AI for Sales needs to be infused through out the entire sales process from data collection, sentiment analysis on email content and rationalizing email addresses, through sales pipeline manage to keep a clean and accurate sales pipeline, to the actual sales forecast.

“The TopOPPS forecast views have been a real game-changer for ZoomInfo. It gives us the high-level views that let us manage in a big picture, and it also lets us drill down by rep when needed.”

Peter Weyman, Chief Revenue Officer at ZoomInfo


Gainsight’s Success with TopOPPS:

Ryan Whitney

RVP of Corporate Sales, Gainsight
“TopOPPS has brought a tremendous amount of focus and visibility into the growth we are trying to drive into our business. TopOPPS has been very valuable in streamlining our forecasting process and making it more predictable all the way down to the rep level. Now, sales rep’s forecasts are up-to-date and reliable.”

Ryan Toben

Head of Revenue Operations, Gainsight

“Salesforce continues to be the system for records, but TopOPPS is the actual tool that we are using to manage the reps and deals when it comes to sales forecast management on a day-to-day basis.”

“We now have confidence that deals are in the appropriate stage and that reps are executing our sales methodology. The visibility into the funnel has been a big one for us since switching to NetSuite CRM.”

Megan Remy, Vice President of Global Operations at DSI


Some of our happy customers:

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** Based on independent research by Washington University in St. Louis on AI for Sales.  It can be found here.