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The TopOPPS Dashboard tells the complete story of your current pipeline.

Will I hit my number?

The dashboard is used to show if we are going to hit our number – and if not, options to fill the gap.


In this use case, TopOPPS ran the current pipeline through the 4 unique forecasting methods and results show we are going to be $1.5M shy of hitting the number. TopOPPS utilizes whatever data is available in the CRM in order to choose the best forecast technique.

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How can I fill the gap?

Use TopOPPS to figure out how we can fill the gap with two reliable options:
1. TopOPPS analyzes leads and factors in sales cycle times to determine whether the lead is good enough and can close prior to the end of the sales period.

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2. TopOPPS analyzes and selects opportunities that could be pulled in to fill the gap based on HealthScore, ideal customer profile, momentum and deal size.

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What changed in my pipeline since last week?

Understanding how the pipeline changed since last week is available on the Dashboard. So, TopOPPS displays deals that have advanced, regressed, new, won and lost – including reasons. By clicking on each metric, you can drill to details. Also, you click on the gear to unselect or add additional attributes for the metrics.
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Dashboard tells the complete story of your current forecast and pipeline: whether you have enough opportunities in the pipeline, helps you to identify deals at risk, understand if there’s enough activity to fill future pipeline needed for next sales period, and ensure data quality with Quick Fixes and Alerts.

To see the dashboard in action, click here.  If you’d like to learn more or see a demo, please contact us.