The Sales Process Evaluation Guidebook: How to Create a Winning Sales Process

Download this guidebook for a sales process evaluation with practical recommendations to help you identify your current state sales process, understand the areas in need of improvement and take the necessary execution steps to positively impact revenue.


Sales Forecasting System: How to Become Best-in-Class

Download this guidebook to identify the obstacles you have to mitigate immediately to achieve predictable and accurate sales forecasts. Proven by over a decade of research, the enclosed four steps are necessary to become best-in-class in sales forecasting.


Gartner Market Guide: AI for Sales Forecasting & Sales Process Execution

Artificial intelligence for sales forecasting builds trust and confidence. If you can trust what you see in the pipeline and that your pipeline is filling at the appropriate rate with qualified leads that fit your ideal customer profile, you can have confidence that you'll hit your number.


How To Increase Conversions Throughout The Sales Process

According to CSO Insights research, only 48% of sales reps hit quota, due to an informal sales process. By implementing a formal process, quota achievement increases to over 60% of the team, and if you add supporting automation on top of that, it will increase an additional 10% or higher and save a ton of time.

Download this guidebook for a simple recipe to achieve a formalizes sales process that will drastically improve funnel performance.


6 Strategies to Building Your Sales Forecast

Credibility in hitting the number is absolutely the most important thing for a sales leader. And these leaders that hit their number regularly, don’t have it easy. It’s usually a grind with a mad scramble at the end of the quarter to hit plus or minus 5%.

Download this guidebook for tips and strategies so building and managing the forecast won't be such a painful process. If you can trust what you see in the pipeline and that your pipeline is filling at the appropriate rate with qualified leads that fit your ideal customer profile, you can have confidence that you’ll hit your number.


The Practical Guide for Analyzing the Pipeline

Download this guidebook for 5 fundamental components to understanding your pipeline and predicting early on if you'll hit your number. Your pipeline analytics should answer these 4 questions with precision:

1. How much new and total pipeline do we need, and will we have enough?
2. Is the pipeline filling at the appropriate rate?
3. Where are deals getting stuck in the pipeline so I can change or coach on those sales activities?
4. Am I converting what’s in the pipeline at the necessary rate?


The Sales Manager’s Guide to Maximize Sales Performance

Download this guidebook for 5 practical tenets to determine how to exceed the number!

This guidebook includes best practices to predict the sales number, coach reps in 1:1 sessions and improve win rates to increase the probability of exceeding quota.


How To Create a Winning Sales Process

Download this Guidebook for 4 defined steps to achieving a rigorous sales process for more closes and faster wins!

This download includes a bonus Workbook to help you create, tweak or overhaul your sales process so you can align your team and win more deals. So, before you lose any more deals, waste good leads or opportunities, extend the sales cycle or on-board a new rep - give your sales process a health check.


Download Your Standard QBR Slides

Effective QBRs include the right metrics and the story behind the metrics that will provide coaching opportunities for optimum performance. This slide deck with structure your meetings and get the entire team on a winning path.

How to give sales reps more time to sell

How To Give Sales Reps More Time To Sell

According to CSO Insights, only 36% of a sales reps' time is spent selling - that's less than 90 minutes a day!

This guidebook identifies the non-value added activities that burdens your sales reps and what is needed to give them back time to do what we all need them to do - SELL!


Training Guide for Frontline Sales Managers

Use this guidebook to align frontline managers with the sales plan.

Gartner CRM Vendor Guide

Gartner 2016 CRM Vendor Guide

According to Gartner,  “adopters of opportunity management predictive analytic solutions cite improvements to:

  • Deal close rates
  • Win rates
  • Renewal rates
  • Pipeline
  • Revenue”

The Gartner CRM Vendor Guide, 2016, Jim Davies et. al, 9 May 2016


CSO Insight’s Sales Management 2.0

A management guidebook for transforming your sales team and boosting their sales performance.

Ebook AAISP IS2016- Increase Win Rates with Formal Coaching

Increase Win Rates with Formal Coaching

A guidebook for sales coaching on behaviors and operations that will increase win rates.

Your Pipeline is Junk EBook

How to Eliminate Pipeline Junk

Following our popular webinar "Your Pipeline Is A Bunch of Junk", use this eBook to locate your pipeline gold.


How to Run Effective Forecast Calls

Use this template for clear guidelines on how to run effective forecast calls.

Optimize 1 on 1's image

Get Your ‘1:1s’ Template

As presented at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit in Chicago, by Jim Eberlin, on April 20th. Get your step-by-step template to ensure your sales 1:1s are part of your sales strategy.


The Predictable Revenue Guide to Tripling Your Sales

This e-book by Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin can help give you more peace of mind, predictability and clarity in how to make next year the best yet.