The Complete Guide to QBRs: Guidebook & Slide Templates​

This guidebook includes QBR Slide Templates for SDRs, AEs and Sales Leaders! Don't miss access to metric definitions and applications, checklists, slide templates and presentation outlines for the entire sales team. This download is your one-stop shop for successful QBRs!

How To Optimize 1:1s for Success

Managers need to meet with reps to help them develop into A-players and ensure they are hitting their number. Adopting this methodology will improve sales growth and help in meeting the number on a regular basis. This guidebook includes a template that will improve your sales 1:1 meetings and maximize the development of your sales team.

SiriusDecisions: Foundation of an Accurate Forecast​

Download this guidebook to master and optimize the four pillars of traditional forecasting! SiriusDecisions' Dana Therrien, illustrates the foundation of an accurate sales forecast as developed by the team at SiriusDecisions. Learn how artificial intelligence changes how sales teams operate on a daily basis.

Sales Forecasting System: How to Become Best-in-Class

Download this guidebook to identify the obstacles you have to mitigate immediately to achieve predictable and accurate sales forecasts. Proven by over a decade of research, the enclosed four steps are necessary to become best-in-class in sales forecasting.

The Sales Process Evaluation Guidebook

Download this guidebook for a sales process evaluation with practical recommendations to help you identify the current state of your sales process, understand the areas in need of improvement, and take the necessary execution steps to positively impact revenue.

Sales Pipeline Coverage Guidebook

Download this guidebook for a sales process evaluation with practical recommendations to help you identify your current state sales process, understand the areas in need of improvement and take the necessary execution steps to positively impact revenue.

Gartner Market Guide: AI for Sales Forecasting & Sales Process Execution

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive full access to Gartner’s research on the B2B Predictive Analytics Market to learn if and how artificial intelligence is right for your sales organization. Learn how AI builds trust and confidence in the sales forecast and pipeline for the entire sales organization. Read Mo

The Practical Guide for Analyzing the Pipeline

Download this guidebook to learn how to analyze your pipeline and predict early on if you’ll hit your number. How much new and total pipeline do we need, and will we have enough? Is the pipeline filling at the appropriate rate? Where are deals getting stuck in the pipeline so I coach on those sales activities? Am I converting what’s in the pipeline at the necessary rate? You have to be able to answer these questions with precision.

Sales Forecasting System: How to Become Best-in-Class

A good healthy pipeline helps sales teams focus on the right deals so reps aren’t chasing everything. Resources will be focused on higher probability deals, increasing win rates and reducing selling costs. Download this guidebook of Sales at Outreach, Mark Kosoglow, and TopOPPS CEO, Jim Eberlin have mitigated the pipeline data problem every sales team faces!

How to Increase Conversions Throughout the Sales Process

Only 48% of sales reps hit quota, due to an informal sales process. By implementing a formal process, quota achievement increases to over 60% of the team, and with automation, it will increase an additional 10% or more – plus save a ton of time. Download this guidebook for a simple recipe to achieve a formalizes sales process that will drastically improve funnel performance.

6 Strategies to Building Your Sales Forecast

Download this guidebook for tips and strategies so building and managing the forecast won’t be such a painful process. If you can trust what you see in the pipeline and that your pipeline is filling at the appropriate rate with qualified leads that fit your ideal customer profile, you can have confidence that you’ll hit your number.

How to Run Effective Forecast Calls

This guidebook outlines the core three things to focus on during effective forecast calls. Download this guidebook now to gain access to questions to cover (and what not to cover) to eliminate sandbagging and happy ear conversations and make a real impact on reps’ top deals.

Sales Managers Guide to Maximize Sales Performance

Download this guidebook for 5 practical strategies that will help blow out your number and get the entire team exceeding quota. Learn how to use data-driven best practices to keep score of the pipeline, react in time to fill gaps and have confidence as you guide your team.

How to Create A Winning Sales Process

Create, tweak or overhaul your sales process so that you can win more deals. Enter the new modern automation of machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to simplify alignment and improvement of your best sales activity and give your organization the edge it needs to continue sales growth. So, before you lose any more deals, waste good leads or opportunities, extend the sales cycle or on-boarding time of a new rep – give your sales process a health check.