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Eliminate Sales

Pipeline “Junk”

A quick guide to locating the gold in the sales pipeline 

(and clearing out the junk)!

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By having a better handle on your sales pipeline and a process 
that gives you a more accurate forecast, you’ll have better 
sales management overall.

You’ll sell more and sell faster

You’ll coach up your sales team to be A-players

At the end of the day – everything is about hitting the 
number – that’s all that matters.

By Jim Eberlin, CEO & Founder of TopOPPS

Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales of Outreach

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You will see an 

increase in 


 by having a better 

handle on your sales pipeline.

A good healthy pipeline helps sales teams focus on the right deals so 
reps aren’t chasing everything.  Resources will be focused on higher 
probability deals, increasing win rates and reducing selling costs.  By 
observing the positive activity on closed won deals, you can coach up 
reps to make sure they are making an impact while there’s still time 
and prevent deals from falling out. 

…and who doesn’t want that?

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So why is the 

sales pipeline



“Lack of Visibility” was the top forecasting and sales pipeline pressure keeping sales 
leaders up at night according to Aberdeen’s report How in the world are we going to 
hit our number

Lack of visibility causes no-decisions or zombie deals that lurk in the pipeline for 
eternity. It also causes more effort and time to be spent asking the sales reps the 
same questions about their deals and usually starting from scratch each time.  And 
finally, lack of visibility causes a lack of confidence between management and sales 
reps, resulting in sales reps just telling their manager what they want to hear and 
surprises happening last minute within the pipeline.  

More visibility provides confidence, understanding, and no surprises, as well as a 
more open and honest discussion.  Bad news early about a deal is not bad news. With 
open communication and a manager that supports their team, reps won’t suffer in 
silence any more or rely only on hope that they have enough deals to backfill any that 
fall out.

According to Aberdeen Research

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sales pipeline 


The top 3 reasons sales leaders have inaccurate sales pipeline and forecasts 
according to Aberdeen’s survey are:

Insufficient data – there’s not enough information to tell one 
opportunity from another

Inaccurate data – data is outdated or stale

Rep’s forecasts are based on “happy ears” or “sandbagging” - 
misinformation is provided by the sales rep based on overconfidence 
or concealed information

According to Aberdeen Research

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Now, how do you 



“junk” out?

World-class companies in sales forecasting and pipeline management do 
regular forecast reviews like everyone else, but in addition they have a 
systematic method to rank opportunities and monitor positive activities 
that drive deals through the pipeline for a win.  They coach up the sales 
team on these positive activities in order to bring everyone to A-player 

By using data-driven automation platforms to drive the right activity, score 
and rank high probability opportunities, and accurately forecast results, 
these organizations achieve world-class status. 

According to Aberdeen Research

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Eliminate the “junk” and 

focus on the gold with 




Outreach’s communication platform opens the black box of your sales 
team, increases rep productivity, and makes sure you find the best sales 
process to close bigger deals faster.

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