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TopOPPS+Outreach — combining AI with Outreach sales engagement sequences* to increase sales and sales predictability.

TopOPPS embeds Outreach to allow sales reps to add Outreach sequences* to both early and late stage opportunities.  Outreach sequences are assigned to opportunities from the pipeline view, the opportunity profile and automatically through TopOPPS AI.  The result of Outreach sequences update TopOPPS Alerts, Tasks, Next Steps and Health Score.  In addition, TopOPPS provides bi-directional update to both Outreach and your CRM application.

Target Opportunities with Outreach Sequences

 Ever had the situation where:
  • An important opportunity is in the danger zone because of inactivity. 
  • The opportunity is sold but they don’t have a budget till next quarter or next year.
  • The opportunity “isn’t there yet” and needs further education to understand how your solution is advancing the state of the art.

These are prime examples of where Outreach sequences managed through TopOPPS can keep the opportunity “warm” without over burdening the sales rep.

Sequence Drawing2

Sales Pipeline Opportunity Progression

Automate Sales Rep Execution on Target Sales Scenarios

TopOPPS AI can understand when certain sales patterns are present and recommend the appropriate Outreach sequences to guide winning strategies.

TopOPPS + Outreach enhance opportunity engagement by delivering the right content for the opportunity stage at the right time.

  • Drive more intelligent opportunity touch points.
  • Make sales reps more productive.
  • Know which activities drive the best outcomes.

Guide Winning Strategies

TopOPPS + Outreach provide additional automation to guide winning strategies and reduce the effort to remember to perform tasks.  Also, prescriptive and predictive AI guide the sales rep through the optimal sales process, triggering Outreach sequences, shorten sales cycles and increasing forecast accuracy.

Work Your Deals, Not Your CRM

Mark Kosoglow from and Jim Eberlin from TopOPPS teamed up to show sales leaders how to eliminate the burden of CRM compliance on sales reps so they can reinstate the strategic (and fun) part of selling!  This article discusses the recipe for proper opportunity execution and how to measure it.

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* Outreach sequences are a series of touch points or activities that map specific sales processes and ensures the right engagement with the opportunity occurs at the right time, no matter if the touch point is manually by the sales rep or automatically by the system