Hitting Quota

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Nothing is more satisfying than making your number.  Of course on the other hand, there is nothing more depressing and unnerving than missing your number.  This is the case whether you are an individual contributor, or a manager with a span of control that encompasses a worldwide sales organization.

Getting to quota is the “mark twain” of the sales professional – the point where anything below that mark is dangerous waters, and above represents safe passage.

Not hitting the number is bad enough, but there are a myriad of ways to miss that exacerbate the pain – missing by a lot, or missing late in the quarter after telegraphing that you had a lock on the number.  You can add your own stories.  I will not dwell on this point other than to say that there are a number of important and impactful things you need to do to make sure you have a reasonably strong chance of making your number.  If you do fall short, you want to ensure that you “miss close” and that it was never a surprise to you and your boss.  This way everyone in your company can understand and accept your 98.9% quota performance (at least this one quarter).

So what do you need to make it?  Well, you need the deals that make up your pipeline, of course. That is only the starting point though.  To effectively and efficiently get to the number and have a chance from there to overachieve, you need a way to manage the quality of your pipeline and processes to eliminate guesswork.  For instance, separating the deals that have the best chance of closing from the long shots, then ranking and adjusting to allow your team to laser focus on the deals and the actions you can take that really matter.

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