How A Sales Rep Loses Money

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As a sales representative for many years, I can honestly say that keeping a consistent pipeline is one of the toughest aspects of our job. Ideally, I am spending my time in the field building relationships, on the phone and responding to emails. The time I spend on “sales activities” is in direct correlation with my paycheck at the end of every month.

The time I do not get to spend on “sales activities”, such as spending countless hours on the phone with my boss discussing the progression of deals and clicking through the CRM have almost no benefit to me. How many clicks does it take to get a deal to close?

Not only is this process click intensive, it’s aggravating from a mobile perspective as well. I routinely watch as the reps squint and struggle with their tiny little iPhones as they attempt to update information into the system. As they fumble through I can see the frustration building. They press their fingers down harder on the screen expecting different results and then toss the phone down without entering ANY information!

So we can either choose to update the deals as they progress, spending our precious moments logging into the system over and over again, or try and streamline the process and do all of our “clicking” in one day. However, this is a double edged sword because if I do not update the deals as they progress I will naturally get the “code red” call from my boss wondering what happened at our latest meeting with “XYZ” company.

Either way the issue becomes that while I know all of the information about MY deals, how can my boss know the same? The goal is to always maximize the size of our paychecks, but how can we do this when we are wasting valuable time when we could be selling?
Sales representatives will always want to spend more time selling and less time on our chore list, such as updating the CRM, because we are selfish in our nature. In this business time equals money and that is no secret. A happy sales rep is one that isn’t tied down by the CRM, but empowered by it. A happy sales rep isn’t frustrated with clicks and phone calls. A happy sales rep is making money and hitting his quota.

The question is simple: as a sales rep, which would you rather do? a) Go over your deals for the third time this week with your boss, or b) spend the exact same time closing your next deal that gets you over the commission hump.

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