Make Your Data Work

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I may be biased but as the relationship between sales and technology continues to grow stronger, companies with tools like TopOPPS will have a significant competitive advantage. Today, it’s not just about getting the information into the system more efficiently, it’s also about what we do with that information once it’s there. CRMs are like relationships, you only get out what you put in. Unfortunately, CRMs are infamous for being  “junk in junk out” machines. So how can we trust the data? Better yet, how can we make the process of entering crucial data into the CRM quick and painless while still maximizing the amount of impactful information decision makers receive in return?

As we rely on our CRMs for more impactful insights and tie them to our business processes and decisions, we have to be able to trust what information is in the system. Our sales teams are the beginning of a cycle and the better the information is at the start, the less depreciation there will be down the line into forecasting, inventory and customer service. For example, if you forecast short, it will will affect the amount you stock for inventory. If your inventory is short, you won’t be able to come through on all of your outstanding deals. This can result in catastrophe: lost partnerships, lost customers, lost revenue, and ultimately lost jobs. This may seem a bit dramatic, but in actuality just improving the information entered in the beginning can be the dawn of a more sysinct business process that has an immediate ROI. The old sales processes are filled with flaws, TopOPPS tackles those flaws by:

  1. Increasing your input of timely and accurate data into the system
  2. Giving you a real time, crystal clear visual into your pipeline
  3. Allowing you to have unbreakable trust in your sales forecast
  4. In-depth historical analysis into your strengths and weaknesses

This kind of technology is an end to end solution for opportunity management. It gives the entire sales team a more focused approach and more power to directly impact the bottom line. No more running around with your hair on fire at the end of the quarter pushing the wrong deals to close. No more worrying about making big company decisions on unreliable data. Get more out of the data that you put into your CRM and start strategizing faster on ways to make your business grow.