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TopOPPS+NetSuite — enhancing NetSuite CRM with AI for Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management

TopOPPS is a predictable revenue generation platform that natively sits within NetSuite CRM.  It provides artificial intelligence for sales forecasting, pipeline management and guides winning sales behaviors and processes.  

NetSuite + TopOPPS Overview

The winning combination of NetSuite CRM and TopOPPS Artificial Intelligence helps executives validate the sales pipeline and sales forecast.  It also provides productivity gains to the sales reps and helps managers coach their sales team to outperform their quota.

Sales Forecasting

Answers to executive questions like: 

What changed? What pushed?  What moved to next period?  What closed?  And why?

Are identified as TopOPPS analyzes the sales pipeline, sales history, and rep activity.  

See how the forecast is automated giving insights driven by data science. 

Opportunity & Rep Performance

How is time spent in pipeline reviews? Checking follow up, organizing the pipeline, and removing the junk? Top opportunities are brought to the surface as part of the TopOPPS automatic validation of the sales process.  It allows managers and reps to prioritize on the fun stuff – winning the deal.


NetSuite Email & Calendar Integration

Rep Assistant automatically pull in signals, such as emails and calendar meetings, and analyze the sentiment to add context to the pipeline.   This ensures that contacts, roles and notes are automatically updated in the CRM without adding the administrative burden to  the sales rep.

Work Your Deals, Not Your CRM

Mark Kosoglow from and Jim Eberlin from TopOPPS teamed up to show sales leaders how to eliminate the burden of CRM compliance on sales reps so they can reinstate the strategic (and fun) part of selling!  This article discusses the recipe for proper opportunity execution and how to measure it.

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