Next Step or Bust

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Want to get to the next step? Of course, you do. You know that if there is no next step there is no opportunity.

You also know that if you have never met the prospect before, they don’t care about you. Unfortunately, a lot of AEs and SDRs become unsuccessful because they are completely focused on their personal greatness.


I have an absolutely amazing six-year-old son.  


To be honest, he is a little bit of a terror. When he is taking care of his younger siblings, though and trying his best, he is an absolute joy to be around. In fact, I cannot get enough of him.

When he is focused on how he can get attention for himself, no one wants to be around him. In those moments of absolute insanity, he can be extremely annoying.

If you are an AE or SDR, think of yourself as the crazy six year old that needs to be constantly reminding himself, “IT’S NOT ABOUT ME.”

It is about how much you are able to convey your respect and genuine concern for the prospect. Appointments are not set and contracts are not signed because of amazing feature descriptions, nice pictures and cool company logo v-necks. They are signed by asking good questions.

When someone shows interest and asks “how does that work?” it’s instinctual for the six year old boy in me to pull out a soapbox and go on a five minute tirade about TopOPPS’ greatness. The next time you get that urge, take a second and slap yourself into reality. Please.

May I suggest one simple tweak:

Be a trusted advisor. “I’m so glad that has piqued your interest. Can you let me know a little bit more about your situation so that I can give you a good answer?”

Taking a moment to care instead of brag, helps the prospect see that you have genuine concern (which builds trust), and once they do provide that golden nugget on what matters for their particular business, you can ask for a meeting that could shed light on the problem they have just described.

Sales is amazing; you win by being a good person.