Best Practices for B2B Sales - Opportunity Management

This is the third category of the blog series on Best Practices for B2B Sales.  In this category we focus on sales opportunity management.

This blog introduces expands on the previous blog category of Pipeline Management and focuses on four key best practices:

  • Account Management – to nurture accounts to become opportunities
  • Guided Selling – to close deals
  • Always know the next step – to keep the deal moving forward
  • Sales Postmortem – what went right, what went wrong, where can we improve

There are 4 areas are separate blogs, but we start with the introduction.

Best Practices for B2B Sales – Opportunity Management

This is the first blog to a five blog series on best practices in sales opportunity management. It includes:

  • Account Management
  • Guided Selling
  • Always know the next step
  • Sales Postmortem

Best Practices For B2B Sales – Account Management

This blog may be a little controversial.  We believe account management starts in marketing and includes both marketing and sales.  Marketing is included in the account management process as a lever to align marketing and sales.  Marketing’s role goes beyond creating leads because account management is a continuous process from the first touch, to “close-won.”

Best Practices for B2B Sales – Guided Selling

This blog focuses on guided hygiene to insure sales pipeline reality and guided selling to strategically provide content and insights to the prospect at the right time to move the opportunity forward.  It accomplishes this through:

  • Guided hygiene alerts – proactive follow up with the opportunity to make sure everything is current.
  • Guided selling alerts – strategic follow up to move the opportunity forward

Best Practices for B2B Sales – Always Know the Next Step

The most important step in any sales process is the NEXT step.  It is a hurdle that must be cleared to give you the right to move to the “NEXT, NEXT” step.  While the next step is earned, sales reps must always understand one step beyond where the prospect is at in the sales process.

Best Practices for B2B Sales – Sales Postmortem

Complacency is the enemy of improvement and growth. Top sales teams continuously improve to achieve better standards, no matter what level of success they have reached in the past.  The Sales Postmortem is a key tool for analyzing the sales process, understanding what went right, what went wrong and where the sales process can be improved on the next customer.

ROI Analysis:

Understand the ROI of AI for Sales Forecasting

Research conducted by Washington University found companies using AI for Sales Forecasting and Sales Pipeline Management were able to:

  • Handle 19% more opportunities per year
  • Make 58% more money per sale
  • Reduce sales cycle by up to 59%

SiriusDecisions Research:

Foundation of an Accurate Sales Forecast

SiriusDecisions Service Director, Dana Therrien, illustrates the foundation of an accurate sales forecast. Learn how artificial intelligence increases sales effectiveness and changes how sales teams operate on a daily basis.

Expert Webinar:

A Structured Approach to Driving Holistic Predictable Revenue

In this webinar we cover:

  • Top 3 challenges to deliver an accurate forecast
  • Examples of a well structured sales proocess
  • The building blocks and advanced capabilities that support an accurate forecast