Pipeline Management

An accurate sales forecast and efficient sales process require a well managed sales pipeline.

TopOPPS provides an intuitive and visual sales pipeline.  It allows drill down to all the supporting information about an opportunity.  It also allows the user to update the status and activity in the same  interface so accuracy and context is maintained.


Sales Pipeline

Pipeline Filters

Ability to filter the pipeline by Sales Process, Sales Hierarchy, or any other pre-built or on-the-fly filters you would like to create

Pipeline By Stage

The Pipeline By Stage dropdown provides flexibility to change the perspective of the columns, from pipeline stage (Close Won/Pricing Agreement, Proff-Point etc. as driven from your CRM), to Pipeline By Forecast Category, Pipeline by Sales Rep, or Pipeline by Close Date, moving the focus to the most important view.

Opportunity Tile

The Opportunity tile displays high level information about the opportunity, including drillable information like Opportunity Name, TopOPPS AI driven health score, Sales Stage or Forecast Category, Sales Rep and drillable visual clues as to: recent changes forward or back in the sales pipeline; number and details regarding alerts; attainment of key milestones; next steps; recent activity.

Totals By Pipeline Stage or Category

Summary totals at the top of each column show the pipeline value at each stage/category of the pipelines.

Tasks, Alerts and Forecast

The tasks and alerts icon show the total number of Tasks & Alerts to be completed or requiring an action against the opportunities shown on the pipeline. The forecast shows the current system forecast. These three icons are drillable to allow the user to update tasks, take actions on alerts or pivots to the forecast screen to understand the monetization of the forecast.

TopOpps validates the pipeline with predictive and prescriptive analytics.  It infuses AI throughout the sales process to support process compliance and identifies winning strategies for each opportunity.  As AI learns, a winning process is refined and enforced.


Marketing and Sales Funnel

A key component for efficiently and cost effectively managing the top of the funnel is TopOPPS Marketing and Sales Funnel analysis.

Visual Funnel Analysis

Review numbers of opportunities or value of opportunities at each stage of the funnel, highlight particular stages of the funnel to view close rates over time.

Current Period & Lifetime Cohort Analysis

Cohort analysis provides two perspectives, (1) within the selected period and (2) To-date analysis for the lifetime of the cohort. The view can reflect either number of opportunities or dollar value of opportunities. Amounts are clickable to view detail opportunities supporting won, lost, pushed.

Conversion Rates by Stage

Understand the win rates from any point in the sales pipeline historically over time based on the stage selected.

Cohort Analysis Selector

Provides the ability to analyze results from a particular chort to answer questions like "What happened to all the leads we generated in Q2?" or "What conversion percentages is our current sales funnel running?...and compared to previous months/quarters?"

The TopOPPS Marketing and Sales Funnel management reviews the number and value of opportunities at each stage to highlight deficiencies in pipeline.  The screen above highlights specific areas that provide insights to improve top of the funnel pipeline management.

TopOPPS also provides a Marketing funnel that shows an additional top-of-the-funnel layer for analyzing cohorts by lead source and campaign.  

Sales Pipeline Coverage Guidebook

This guidebook provides information on how to evaluate your sales process with practical recommendations to help identify the current state of your sales process and the areas in need of improvement.

How to Eliminate Pipeline “Junk”

A quick guide to locating the gold in the pipeline and clearing out the junk!  A healthy pipeline helps sales teams focus on the right opportunities  so sales reps aren’t chasing everything and win rates increase.  Learn how to mitigate the pipeline data problem every sales team faces.

The Practical Guide for Analyzing the Pipeline

Learn how to analyze your pipeline and predict early on if you’ll hit your number.  Also learn how to estimate how much new and total pipeline  you need, how to identify when an opportunity is getting stuck and how to calculate pipeline conversion percentages at each stage.