Pipeline Management

Funnel Analysis

Review numbers of deals at each stage of the funnel, view close rates by team and by rep and receive performance insights from across the organization.

Pipeline Management

TopOPPS guides reps to ensure a consistent sales process, clean pipeline hygiene and helps win more deals – just click on action to make change. Also available in mobile.

Team Management

Sales leadership and managers view audit trails to know when reps make changes to forecasts and know why the forecast is changing.

Pipeline Coverage

Get clear visibility into current and future pipeline and conversion rates. Sales leaders get daily intelligence by company, team and rep. Proactive management prevents future shortfalls.

Pipeline Management begins with the analysis of deals in the funnel and their overall likelihood to close. The TopOPPS platform reviews the numbers of deals at each stage to highlight deficiencies in pipeline. Combined with the assignment of HealthScores to deals, managers can see the entire funnel from end to end, identifying potential shortfalls before they occur. The screen capture below highlights specific areas of the TopOPPS platform that provide insights and improve pipeline management.