Confidence to Hit Your Number

Modern sales teams turn to TopOPPS for sales process execution with predictive sales analytics. TopOPPS assists the sales reps with easy pipeline updates and guided winning behaviors that result in CRM hygiene with accurate analytics and predictive sales forecasts

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Sales Rep Assistant

TopOPPS shows up where the rep naturally works through automation embedded into email, calendar, mobile, and other areas to improve communication on opportunities, keep the pipeline up to date and accurate while making processes simpler and more helpful to sales reps.

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Rep CRM Adoption

TopOPPS will ramp new reps faster and enforce a consistent sales process by making the CRM simpler and more helpful to sales reps.

Guided Behavior

Guides and drives sales reps to work leads and opportunities based on winning behaviors and next step recommendations

Reduced Admin Time

Get over 400% more pipeline data and give back 28 hours a month to sales reps by eliminating pain associated with the CRM.



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Predictive Sales Forecasting

Automation and learning algorithms predict the forecast based on history combined with an applied HealthScores of leads and opportunities within the pipeline. This HealthScore determines how healthy a deal is by measuring communication activity, velocity, ideal customer profile and other attributes.

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Sales Plan Attainment

Execute the sales period focusing on the right deals and on the sales performance metrics necessary for successful outcomes.

Opportunity Reality

HealthScores of each deal provide sales teams the optics they need to effectively execute, analyze and predict the pipeline.

Data Science for Accuracy

Learning sales team activity, process activity and history. TopOPPS predicts deals in the pipeline and future leads that will be generated and closed within the sales period.



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Sales Process Rigor

TopOPPS guides and drives sales reps to work leads and opportunities based on winning behaviors. This improves sales process execution, ramps new reps faster than ever and improves sales performance. Easy input, helpful recommendations and sales process clarity.

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Prescriptive Insights

TopOPPS prompts the sales rep when to advance opportunities, when to disqualify, when to take action, and prescribed next steps

Process Improvement

Having a consistent sales process provides clarity into what changes the sales process needs to move deals faster through the pipeline.

Performance Analytics

Identify where deals get stuck in the sales process and conversion rates that need improvement.



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Prescriptive Insights

TopOPPS automates a rigorous sales process that aligns the sales organization with a consistent sales process with prescriptive next steps and insights. These prescribed insights enable management with strong data-driven coaching and plan performance strategies.

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Sales Process Rigor

By making the sales process clear and consistent, sales teams adopt a rigorous sales process with rules and exit criteria within each stage.

Sales Team Coaching

Automate QBRs, 1:1s and Forecast Calls with complete accuracy and execute effective performance improvement plans.

Plan Performance

Performance on conversions, wins and other key sales activity is tracked and insights are prescribed. TopOPPS constantly provides actionable insights to improve outcomes so teams can hit their sales numbers.



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