AI for Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management

Use Cases that Drive ROI

ROI doesn’t just happen. ROI is achieved by driving outcomes that have measurable results and business value within the sales process. These outcomes are achieved by targeting specific use cases, within the context of your organization, that can be enhanced through the implementation of AI technologies. The diagram below maps use cases to the ROI areas they support and the to the broad categories of AI technologies.

TopOPPS Use Case Aligned ROI

While our ultimate goal for our customers is an accurate sales forecast, the foundation of an accurate sales forecast is a crystal clean sales pipeline. The foundation of an crystal clean sales pipeline requires comprehensive data on most interactions with each opportunity.

To create an accurate sales forecast, you can’t start with the forecast or better algorithms, you need to start from the bottom up.

  • Building a solid foundation of information by automating the data capture of CRM data.
  • Use interaction information to ensure a clean sales pipeline and understand and guide the sales process.
  • Leverate AI to provide an unbiased pipeline review and sales forecast.

Automated Data Capture

CHALLENGE: Manually updating the CRM system for buyer/sales rep interactions is never sufficient. It is done at the expense of time spent selling. The lack of data causes stagnant opportunities, lack of focus and lack of trust in the sales pipeline and confidence in the sales forecast.
SOLUTION: TopOPPS automatically collects sales interactions. It works where sales works, in email, calendar and on mobile. It captures sales interactions and enhances them with sentiment analysis and scores opportunities based on activities, timeliness and role.

Sales Process Guidance & Enforcement

CHALLENGE: Process Consistency is a goal out of reach for most sales organizations. The sales team uses their personal interpretation of the sales phases. Everyone is on a different page. Current processes lack the ability to alert management to problems.
SOLUTION: TopOPPS applies machine learning to the “tribal” sales process to provide insights to guide behavior. System generated alerts identify key next steps. Pipeline hygiene is kept crystal clean, ensuring pipeline health and accuracy and preventing stagnant opportunities.

AI Driven Forecasting & Pipeline Reviews

CHALLENGE: Forecasting & Pipeline reviews are time consuming and labor intensive, they attempt to bring a level of precision to a process that is plagued by a lack of data and biased interpretation that are too conservative or optimistic
SOLUTION: TopOPPS AI ensures accuracy and unbiased interpretation. It amplifies pipeline visibility through insights and alerts. Forecasts are completed without hassle because all information is in the system and spreadsheets are not required.