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Six Strategies to Building your Sales Forecast

How to build a forecast you can believe in…and have your stakeholders believe in you.

This guidebook reviews six strategies that will enhance the sales forecast as well as provide additional benefits to increase win rates and quota attainment [Spoiler Alert:  we use automation and AI].  

SiriusDecisions: Foundations of an Accurate Sales Forecast

Read this guidebook to master and optimize the four pillars of traditional forecasting!  SiriusDecisions’ Dana Therrien, illustrates the foundation of an accurate sales forecast as developed by the team at SiriusDecisions.  Learn how artificial intelligence changes how sales teams operate on a daily basis.

Sales Forecasting System – How to Become Best In Class

This guidebook is based on research from Gartner, Aberdeen and CSO Insights.  It shows by applying the principles discussed in this guidebook you can have an increase of 11% to 13% in Quota attainment, Forecasted win rates and Revenue plan attainment.

Gartner Market Guide:  AI for Sales Forecasting & Sales Process Execution

This guidebook covers Gartner’s research on B2B Predictive Analytics market.  Learn “if” and “how” artificial intelligence is right for your sales organization.  Learn how AI builds trust and confidence in the sales forecast and sales pipeline for the entire sales organization,

AI for Sales:

Calculating the Sales Forecast

AI for calculating the sales forecast feels like an algorithm to predict “the sales number”.  This is only partially correct.  AI infused through into sales process builds a foundation for automated collection of sales interactions and provides methods to maintain an accurate sales forecast,

Customer Experience:

Managing to Predictable Sales

…in the middle of a turnaround. This blog reviews four steps to turn around flat sales into a growth posture and how TopOPPs fit into those steps.  [SPOILER ALERT:  after six month they saw strong results with 200% YoY sales growth and a solid sales pipeline for the future]

Sales Strategy

Three Strategies for Creating an Accurate Sales Forecast

This 5 minute video reviews the baseline of what drives an accurate sales forecast and the three key strategies for creating an accurate sales forecast +/- 5%.  It also reviews time based study research and findings from SiriusDecisions on typical company experience with sales forecast accuracy.