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How to Run Effective Forecast Calls

This guidebook outlines the core three things to focus on during forecast calls.  This guidebook provides questions to cover (and what not to cover) to eliminate sandbagging and happy ear conversations and make a real impact on reps’ top deals.

Where 1 + 1 = 3 in the Sales Application Stack – Sales Enablement

This blog focuses on three key areas for sales enablement: sales rep coaching and appraisals; sales training; and sales content and how combining these applications “in-context” to sales forecasting and sales pipeline management can supercharge your sales team.

The Complete Guide to QBRs

TopOPPS is excited to bring you our complete guide to having successful Quarterly Business Reviews.  This Guidebook contains:

  • QBR Definition & Purpose
  • Metrics – Definition & Applications
  • Checklists
  • Slide Templates

How to Optimize 1:1s for Success

Managers need to meet with reps to help them develop into A-players and ensure they are hitting their number.  Adopting this methodology will improve sales growth and help in meeting the number on a regular basis.  This guidebook includes a template that will improve your sales 1:1 meetings and maximize the development of your sales team.

AI for Sales – Sales Pipeline Management & Sales Rep Coaching

This is the second of two blogs reviewing artificial intelligence use cases to support sales pipeline accuracy and sales rep coaching.  It includes tools to help:

  • Understanding which deals have the highest likelihood of closing
  • Planning next steps for each opportunity
  • Creating insights from detail buyer/seller interactions to hel tell the current sales story
  • Tools to support the weekly 1:1s with the sales reps

Sales Application Stack

AI for Sales & Commission Forecasting

TopOPPS + Xactly are a powerful combination to help Finance understand the impact of both the sales pipeline and forecast commission expense.

  • Predict Wins & Commissions
  • Focus on Top Opportunities
  • Trust the Sales Forecast

The Future:

The Future of Sales Rep Coaching


In a sales environment where the rolodex is replace by CRM and sales processes are more automated, sales coaching is in a position where it needs to adapt to the times. Current research suggests that millions are lost due to a lack of formal coaching…

Using TopOPPS

More Effective One-on-Ones

TopOPPS “Rep Profile Report” provides summary level information on how your rep is performing based on their current pipeline, their forecast, how they are trending over the last five sales periods and how they compare to their peers.