Sales Operations

Sales Operations mission is to optimize the sales team efficiency, effectiveness and business contribution by operationalizing and optimizing sales strategy, data, process, infrastructure and measurement.

TopOPPS’ Sales Rep Assistant  improves CRM data by an average of 400%.  This data is used by TopOPPS AI pattern recognition to identify winning sales processes and guide sales reps winning behaviors.

TopOPPS also provides actionable coaching information to managers.  TopOPPS Guided Winning Strategies are the foundation of solid sales process.

Review the screens below to understand how it works.


Email and Calendar Interface

TopOPPS Email Interface for AI for Sales

TopOPPS Email Interface

Captures all email content into the TopOPPS application and uses sentiment anaysis to rate the email.

Email Addin

Allows the sales rep to perform all functions available from TopOPPS web interface through the side panel email interface

Add Additional Email Addresses to the Buying Group

Both through the email and calendar interface, the sales rep can add additional emails to the opportunity buying group and assign a role.

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TopOPPS’ Rep Assistant includes integration to both Outlook and Gmail for both email and calendar interactions. TopOPPS works where your sales team works.  The data collection is a by-product of their daily activities.  Sales reps can manage the entire opportunity through the email or calendar interface.  In addition to the email interface shown above, TopOPPS provides a similar interface for the calendar, capturing all meetings and meeting content with sentiment analysis to rate and measure opportunity activity.  It also allows sales reps to perform all functions from the TopOPPS web interface through the side panel calendar and email interface.


Mobile Interface

Pipeline Report

Sales Reps can view, sort and filter their pipeline report. The can also drill through to the detail opportunity.

Detail Opportunity Information

Sales Reps can view and change detailed opportunity information. They can drill through to alerts and resolve them, they can also “check in” and update the status of the opportunity.

Opportunity Check-In

Independent of Emails and Calendar entries, the sales rep has the ability to “check-in” on the system and assign a thumbs up/down rating to the opportunity and describe current status.

Ability to Dictate Updates

The Sales Rep can use the microphone icon and dictate descriptions or values into any field on the opportunity.

Sales Rep or Team Dashboard View

The dashboard can be by viewed by sales rep or team and identifies all alerts, tasks & events and forecast status. It also provides the ability to drill into alerts, tasks & events and take action.

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TopOPPS’ Rep Assistant includes a native mobile app that facilitates data collection and pipeline management for sales reps on the go.


Sales Manager Rep Coaching

TopOPPS AI for Sales Rep Coaching

Current Status of Rep or Team Forecast

The top portion identifies current status for this sales period including self-reporting and manager forecast compared to system forecast and period to date statistics like Won and Expected to be won.

Current Pipeline Breakdown by Stage

This summarizes the current pipeline by stage including dollar value, number of opportunities, historic win rate for each stage and rep average days in each stage. # Opps is drillable into detail opportunities.

AI Generates Sales Insights

TopOPPS uses predictive and prescriptive analytics to provide insight into key areas of changes to pipeline or sales rep/team results.

Insights Highlight the Data They Describe

Selecting a Sales Insight highlights the appropriate trend data. Trend data includes close/won analysis, bookings, win rates and the ability to compare results by team or individual sales reps.

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TopOPPS Coaching screen helps identify strengths and weaknesses of each team member with AI driven sales insights to help them improve.  It also promotes a consistent structure for performance conversations with the team.

How To Optimize 1:1s for Success

Managers need to meet with reps to help them develop into A-players. This methodology will improve sales growth and blow out your number.  This guidebook includes a template that will improve your sales 1:1 meetings and maximize the development of your sales team.

Sales Managers Guide to Maximize Sales Performance

Learn how to use data-driven best practices to keep score of the pipeline, react quickly to fill gaps and have confidence as you guide your sales team.  Download this guidebook for 5 practical strategies that will help get the entire team exceeding quota.

How to Increase Conversions Throughout the Sales Process

Only 48% of sales reps hit quota, due to an informal sales process.  Download this guidebook for a simple recipe to achieve a formalized sales process that will drastically improve sales funnel performance.