This is a monthly newsletter focusing on tools, techniques and best practices about Sales Leadership and Sales Operations designed to increase the accuracy of the sales pipeline, the sales forecast and to help win more deals.  

Sales Operations:  Office Hours

Join us for Sales Operations Office Hours where the sales operations community can touch and share ideas.

The Sales Operations Office Hours is a forum that occurs every three weeks for sales operations and sales leadership to come together with sales experts to discuss important topics, especially as it relates to any downturn in business caused by the coronavirus.

SIRIUSDECISIONS RESEARCH BRIEF: Enabling Better Pipeline/Forecast Accuracy

This research outlines an approach to pipeline/forecasting management that focuses on the buyer’s decision process, and discusses how to change the dialog between first-line managers and reps to improve pipeline/forecasting accuracy and data quality.

BLOG SERIES: Avoiding A Horrific June Sales Quarter – Sales Pipeline in Crisis

Our current economic climate feels all too similar to the great recession of 2008.  We knew the story back then, “Work harder and sell less.” That is all we could do, we didn’t have the technology to help mitigate the impact of the great recession by better sales pipeline visibility and better cost control by understanding what is “real” in our sales pipeline. This time around, with the help of technology we can avoid the sales pipeline crisis.

FREE:  Three Month Free Trial

We are offering a three months free trial to help companies get through the current economic conditions without the expense. It also provides time to understand how TopOPPS and AI can help your sales environment in the new reality.  The process is 15-Minute Install, Train on Best Practices and See Returns in 30 Days.

USING TopOPPS:  Defining Your Sales Milestones

If you can identify your sales milestones within your sales cycle, and then determine which ones are the most important you will be able to focus your business activities to support the accomplishment of those milestones. This will help you sort through those details.


LIVE DEMO: Join Us for One of Our Weekly Demo’s

In 30 minutes see how AI for Sales can organize your sales processes, provide a sales forecast you can trust and empower your sales analytics to win more deals.  Webinars are weekly on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM ET.