This is a monthly newsletter focusing on tools, techniques and best practices for Sales Operations and Sales  Leadership designed to increase the accuracy of the sales pipeline, the sales forecast and to help win more deals.  

WEBINAR REPLAY: Aligning Sales and Marketing

This 30 minute webinar reviews key areas for sales and marketing alignment.  It identifies:
  • Key metrics to track alignment progress
  • How to create transparency between sales and marketing to build trust

NEW BLOG POST: Best Practices For B2B Sales – Quarterly Business Review


This blog identifies good, better and best practices for conducting data driven, zero preparation quarterly business reviews.

GUIDEBOOK: The Sales Production Plan – Setting Sales Leadership up for Success

This content was developed from a webinar sponsored by TopOPPS with Forrester|Sirius Decisions.  It describes the process and levers sales management has to set sales leadership up for success.

ROI of AI FOR SALES: Independent Research Validates Benefits of Data Driven Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management


Independent research found companies using AI for sales forecasting and pipeline management could:

  • Handle 19% more opportunities
  • Make 58% more money per sale
  • Reduce sales cycles by up to 59%

BLOG SERIES: Best Practices for B2B Sales – Sales Pipeline Management

This blog series introduces six best practices related to sales pipeline management.  These best practices are foundational and support Sales Opportunity Management, the Sales Management Process and Sales Analytics.

WEEKLY WEBINAR:  Transforming the Sales Process

Our weekly webinars are every Tuesday at 2:00 PM ET.  We have added a third webinar to the rotation.  The new webinar is “Aligning Sales and Marketing”    In addition we will still do:

  • Managing the Gap to Make the Sales Forecast a Reality
  • Using Analytics to Drive Sales Performance