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IN THE NEWS:  Brainshark and TopOPPS Form Partnership to Combine Sales Readiness with AI-Driven Sales Pipeline and Forecast Management

Brainshark, Inc., the industry’s only data-driven sales readiness platform, and TopOPPS, a leading provider of artificial intelligence(AI) based sales pipeline management and forecast predictability solutions, today announced they have formed a Partnership to Combine Sales Readiness with AI Driven Sales Pipeline and Forecast Management.

BLOG POST: Best Practices for B2B Sales Pipeline and Forecast Management

Companies continue to rely on human instinct and intuition to produce the sales forecast.  They continue to spend significant time managing, reviewing and updating the sales forecast despite advantages in technology.  This blog sets the scope and framework for reviewing tactical best practices for B2B sales to streamline these processes and convert to data driven forecasts rather than instinct and intuition.

GUIDEBOOK: 6 Strategies to Building Your Sales Forecast

The most important thing for a sales leader is hitting “the number”.  No matter what you do, it is usually a grind with a mad scramble at the end of the quarter to hit your number plus or minus 5%.

Review this research to understand it doesn’t have to be a painful process.

GUIDEBOOK: The Sales Process Evaluation Guidebook

How to Create a Winning Sales Process – Part 2

This guidebook helps to assess the status of your current sales process following CSO Insights Sales Relationship Process (SRP) Matrix AND how to optimize your sales process to increase revenue growth.


WEBINAR REPLAY: Zero Prep Weekly Sales Forecast Calls and QBRs

All the processes and all the technology can’t help a sales team if you don’t have systematic management processes in place as a catalyst to optimize results.  This 30 minute webinar replay focuses on the sales management cycle, key weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings and necessary content to optimize results.


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In 30 minutes see how AI for Sales can organize your sales processes, provide a sales forecast you can trust and empower your sales analytics to win more deals.  Webinars are weekly on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM ET.