This is a monthly newsletter focusing on tools, techniques and best practices for Sales Operations and Sales  Leadership designed to increase the accuracy of the sales pipeline, the sales forecast and to help win more deals.  

TOMORROW-SALES OPERATIONS OFFICE HOURS: Centralized Dashboards – a CSO and CEO’s Perspective


Today’s sales leaders have too many places to view all the information that they need to see on a regular basis.  What is needed is a centralized view.  Please join as we discuss A CSO’s and CEO’s perspective.

NEW BLOG POST: Best Practices For B2B Sales – Monthly Strategy Review


This blog focuses on the third part of the Sales Management Process – the monthly strategy review.  Learn about typical agenda, content and best practices to create a zero prep monthly strategy review meeting.

GUIDEBOOK: Driving Predictable Revenue

Sales forecasting is a foundational process that requires discipline and automation.  Sales forecast accuracy is a measure of how well your sales process is managed.  This guidebook covers:

  • Challenges blocking predictable revenue
  • Impact of an accurate sales forecast on the company
  • An example sales management process

5 MINUTE VIDEO: Three Strategies for Creating an Accurate Sales Forecast  


This video series includes 4 videos covering three strategies for creating an accurate sales forecast. The first video is 5 minutes and describes the three strategies. The remaining 3 videos each cover one of the three strategies in more detail.

BLOG SERIES: Best Practices for B2B Sales – Data

Accurate information is the life blood of an accurate sales forecast.  This blog series reviews the data requirements for an accurate sales forecast including:

  • Sales Data Introduction
  • How to track sales interactions with the prospect
  • The need for capturing opportunity and buyer team information
  • How Account Attributes are valuable for understanding your ideal customer profile

WEEKLY WEBINAR:  Transforming the Sales Process

Our weekly webinars are every Tuesday at 2:00 PM ET.  We have added a third webinar to the rotation.  The new webinar is “Aligning Sales and Marketing”    In addition we will still do:

  • Managing the Gap to Make the Sales Forecast a Reality
  • Using Analytics to Drive Sales Performance