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We have changed the approach for this months Sales Leadership and Sales Operations Newsletter.  This month’s newsletter focuses on our blog series’ and our video series’ to provide a more complete view on AI for Sales and how it can help.  It includes primers and detail methods and techniques to provide a deep dive into what AI for Sales can do for you.  
Building a better understanding of AI for Sales will help you uncover valuable business insights and be ready when we come out on the
other side.


We are offering a free three month trial as a way to try out these best practices in the most efficient and optimized way.  Click here to learn more.

CURRENT BLOG SERIES:  Best Practices for B2B Sales

This blog series focuses on tactical best practices for B2B sales. This is an ongoing blog series. It covers a large area so this page will continue to be updated. The best practices are not lofty “boil the ocean water” best practices. They focus on tactical areas with the objective of fixing specific bottlenecks many companies face in B2B sales forecasting.

VIDEO SERIES: Three Strategies for Creating an Accurate Sales Forecast

This video series includes 4 videos covering three strategies for creating an accurate sales forecast. The first video is 5 minutes and describes the three strategies. The remaining 3 videos each cover one of the three strategies in more detail. Their times range from 7 minutes to 23 minutes.


This blog series includes 8 blogs that review the application of AI and machine learning across the entire sales process. It dispels the notion of AI as a black box and describes the benefits and use and benefit of AI to define sales drivers when used as a glass box. It describes how AI can assist in decisions and free up sales rep time.

BLOG SERIES: Optimizing the Sales Application Stack

The sales application stack is getting very complex. CRM solutions don’t provide an end-to-end solution that encompasses all the features and functions to solve current sales team problems and optimize sales operations. This four blog series focuses on optimizing the sales application stack.


This video series focuses on the mechanics of managing the sales process, from data collection, to sales pipeline management, to sales analytics and to the sales forecast. It includes six videos, each analyzing one aspect of the sales management and sales forecasting process.

LIVE DEMO: Join Us for One of Our Weekly Demo’s

In 30 minutes see how AI for Sales can organize your sales processes, provide a sales forecast you can trust and empower your sales analytics to win more deals.  Webinars are weekly on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM ET.