Sales Leadership & Sales Operations May 2019 Newsletter

5 Minute Video: Three Strategies for Creating an Accurate Sales Forecast

This 5 minute video covers:

  • Significance of an accurate sales forecast
  • Time based research from SiriusDecisions of success in this area
  • Three key strategies for creating an accurate sales forecast (+/- 5%)

G2 Crowd Names TopOPPS Spring 2019 Sales Analytics High Performer

TopOPPS scores a High Performer position in the Sales Analytics Software category in G2Crowd Spring 2019.  TopOPPS is a leading software platform that provides sales teams and leaders effective tools to improve performance, validate the sales pipeline and increase forecast accuracy.



SiriusDecisions: Foundations of an Accurate Sales Forecast

Download this guidebook to master and optimize the four pillars of traditional forecasting.  SiriusDecisions’ Dana Therrien illustrates the foundation of an accurate forecast as developed by the team at SiriusDecisions.  Learn how to artificial intelligence changes how sales teams operate on a daily basis.



WEBINAR REPLAY:  Efficient & Effective Sales Management Coaching

Millions of dollars are lost each year due to poor execution of sales 1:1s.  This webinar focuses on the tools and techniques to empower your A-player turned sales managers to develop more A-players.



Independent Research Validates TopOPPS Benefits for Sales Forecasting & Sales Pipeline Management

Independent research found companies using TopOPPS AI for Sales Forecasting and Sales Pipeline Management were able to:

  • Handle 19% more opportunities per year
  • Make 58% more money per sale
  • Reduce sales cycles by up to 59%
  • Immediately increase bookings following implementation of TopOPPS

BLOG POST: Artificial Intelligence for Sales – Guided Selling

This blog focuses on the process of prescribing optimal sales execution steps to the sales reps to enforce an efficient sales process.  The tasks and process are based on sales patterns of past close-won, and closed-lost opportunities.  Guided selling is key to maintaining a realistic sales pipeline.