This is a monthly newsletter focusing on tools, techniques and best practices about Sales Leadership and Sales Operations designed to increase the accuracy of the sales pipeline, the sales forecast and to help win more deals.  

WEBINAR REPLAY: Raise Your Sales Coaching & Training To The Next Level

Sales Rep coaching and training is key to both sales efficiency and effectiveness.  Hear real stories and learn practical skills from industry experts to boost your sales coaching and training competency to the next level of sales efficiency and drive sales.


BLOG POST: Where 1 + 1 = 3 in the Sales Application Stack – Sales Enablement

This blog focuses on three application areas of the 21 applications in the Application Sales Stack identified in the previous blog.  These applications should be combined “in-context” to the overall sales forecasting, sales pipeline management and CRM process.


GUIDEBOOK: How to Run Effective Forecast Calls


This guidebook highlights three things to focus on for effective forecast calls including:

  • Focus on top deals – be succinct
  • Be objective – let a score determine top deals
  • Focus on what has changed

USING TopOPPS:  More Effective One-On-Ones

TopOPPS “Rep Profile Report” provides summary level information on how your rep is performing based on their current pipeline, their forecast, how they are trending over the last five sales periods and how they compare to their peers.


CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Buckner is able to Max Out Their Fleet with Predictable Forecasting

TopOPPS helps Buckner keep their heavy equipment rental calendar booked to prevent lost opportunities and reduce idle equipment.  This was historically difficult because there was insufficient sales pipeline data to effectively plan.

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