This is a monthly newsletter focusing on tools, techniques and best practices for Sales Operations and Sales  Leadership designed to increase the accuracy of the sales pipeline, the sales forecast and to help win more deals.  


Office Hours – Dynamic Guided Selling

Hear from guest discussion leader Nick Certa, Director of Sales for Second Street, and an expert setting up successful sales processes.  He will discuss:

  • What Dynamic Guided Selling is.
  • What is needed to make it successful
  • Awesome outcomes

NEW BLOG POST: Best Practices For B2B Sales – Sales Rep Coaching and One-on-Ones

Sales rep coaching & sales one-on-ones are the catalyst for sales optimization and sales growth. They can also convert C & B sales reps to B & A players.

NEW GUIDEBOOK: The Sales Production Plan – Setting Sales Leadership up for Success

This guidebook reviews steps to sales planning and increasing predictability for both current and future sales periods.  It was created from webinar content from Forrester|SiriusDecisions.

BLOG POST: Discovery Call 101

You asked for 15 minutes on your prospect’s calendar thousands of times through emails and cold calls,   what happens when you land that 15 minute call? Here are a few quick and easy steps to follow on how to have a professional business conversation with your prospect while qualifying them in or out and creating excitement for next steps.

NOVEMBER SALES OPERATIONS: Office Hours – Aligning Sales and Marketing

When sales and marketing align, revenue increases, the sales cycle shortens and conversion rates improve.  This office hours will review successful techniques companies have used to align sales and marketing

DEMO:  See TopOPPS in Action

In 30 minutes see how TopOPPS leveraging information from your CRM can provide a sales forecast you can trust, transform your sales process and empower your Sales analytics to win more deals.  Webinars are weekly at 2:00 PM ET.