This is a monthly newsletter focusing on tools, techniques and best practices for Sales Operations and Sales  Leadership designed to increase the accuracy of the sales pipeline, the sales forecast and to help win more deals.  


The Sales Production Plan – Setting Sales Leadership up for Success

Hear from our guest discussion leader Robert Munoz, Sales Operations Strategies, Forrester Research|SiriusDecisions as he discusses:

  • How to connect sales strategy to execution
  • Reverse engineering to the sales forecast to sales pipeline requirements
  • Mastering the sales pipeline to create predictability

NEW BLOG POST: Best Practices For B2B Sales – Sales Management Process

This blog discusses the fourth category of B2B sales pipeline and forecast management best practices.  It reviews the  cadence, goals and content of weekly, monthly and quarterly sales meetings to manage the sales processes and create predictability.


WEBINAR REPLAY: Zero Prep Weekly Sales Forecast Calls and QBRS

All the processes and technology can not help a sales team if you don’t have a systematic management process as a catalyst to optimize results. This 30 minute webinar focused on the management cycle, key weekly monthly and quarterly meetings and content to optimize results.

GUIDEBOOK: Sales Forecasting System: How to Become Best-In-Class

The ROI for reaching a high level of sales forecast accuracy can be incredible if you follow the guidelines in this guidebook.  Research we acquired at TopOPPS from Gartner, Aberdeen, CSO Insights and SiriusDecsions shows that by applying these principles you can have an increase of 11% to 13% in quota attainment, forecasted win rates and revenue plan attainment.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Coaching and 1-on-1s to Hit Your Number

Learn how Blue Medora, achieved great results from their 1-on-1s and coaching using TopOPPS technology. Learn about the two things that made them successful in increasing quota attainment by standardizing on just the things that matter to coach and using automation to give information and prescriptive insights.

DEMO:  See TopOPPS in Action

In 30 minutes see how TopOPPS leveraging information from your CRM can provide a sales forecast you can trust, transform your sales process and empower your Sales analytics to win more deals.  Webinars are weekly at 2:00 PM ET.