Guidebooks for Sales Performance Management

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Sales Manager’s Guide to Maximizing Sales Performance

Read this guidebook for 5 practical strategies that will help blow out your number and get the entire team exceeding quota.  Learn how to use data-driven best practices to keep score of the pipeline, react in time to fill gaps and have confidence as you guide your team.

The Complete Guide to QBRs

TopOPPS is excited to bring you our complete guide to having successful Quarterly Business Reviews.  This Guidebook contains:

  • QBR Definition & Purpose
  • Metrics – Definition & Applications
  • Checklists
  • Slide Templates

The Practical Guide for Analyzing the Sales Pipeline

Download this guidebook to learn how to analyze your pipeline and predict early on:

  • If you’ll hit your number.
  • How much new and total pipeline is needed and do you have enough?
  • Is the sales pipeline filling at the appropriate rate?
  • Where coaching is required because deals are getting stuck in the pipeline.
  • If you are converting what is in the pipeline at the necessary rate.

4 Sales Forecast KPIs You Should Be Tracking

In the world of sales performance management there are 100’s if not 1000’s of metrics used to measure sales performance.  This blog identifies four key KPIs that are used by successful sales teams to evaluate and coach your sales team.

Sales Tools:

Difference Between Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics

Business intelligence and analytics have been cited as the number 1 priority for CIOs for the past 3 years. Many Sales Teams don’t fully understand the difference between prescriptive and predictive analytics…

Blog Post:

How to Use Predictive Analytics to Improve Sales Meetings

Running an effective sales meeting is a tough accomplishment. The good news is with predictive analytics sales technology you don’t have to sacrifice effective meetings in exchange for shorter ones.

Independent Research:

Validates the ROI of AI for Sales

Independent research conducted by Washington University found companies using AI for Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management were able to:

  • Handle more opportunities per year
  • Make 58% more money per sale