Sales Rep Coaching and One-on-Ones

This blog series focused on best practices related to sales rep coaching.

Sales rep coaching and sales manager/sales rep one-on-ones are the catalyst for sales optimization and sales growth.  This series reviews best practices across four different areas covered during Sales Manager/Sales Rep One-on-Ones.  They include:

  • Call Reviews
  • Weekly sales pipeline/opportunity reviews
  • Performance Reviews
  • Strategizing with the sales rep on both next steps for their training and next step for “unsticking” opportunities by using key marketing assets.

There are 4 blog posts that make up this series.  Three of these blogs are grouped under the best practice category of Best Practices for B2B Sales – Sales Management Process.  The fourth blog covers strategizing with the sales rep on next steps for their training and next steps for prospects using key marketing assets and is part of the best practice category of Best Practices for B2B Sales – Sales Pipeline.

Best Practices for B2B Sales – Sales Rep Coaching and One-on-Ones

Sales Rep coaching is a tool for increasing the sales rep proficiency and converting C and B quality sales reps to B and A players.  Some supporting research from CSO Insights reveals a correlation between quota attainment and coaching.  The study found the better the sales manager coaching the higher quota attainment. 

Best Practices for B2B Sales – Weekly Pipeline/Opportunity Review

In the world of sales, pipeline management is the key to achieving the sales goals and creating an accurate sales forecast.  Sales pipeline reviews and opportunity reviews are one of the most important meetings a sales manager can have with each member of his/her sales team to support sales pipeline management.

Best Practices for B2B Sales – Sales Rep Coaching – Performance Reviews

Although the sales number is often the most attention-getting metric for sales review meetings, there are a lot of other elements that go into creating the final sales number and managing sales rep performance.  This blog reviews those elements.

Best Practices for B2B Sales – Proactive Followup and Content Delivery

This blog applies to strategizing with sales reps on their own sales next steps for sales training and strategizing next steps for “unsticking” opportunities with key marketing assets.  The best practice applies AI to direct both sales training and strategically sending marketing assets to sales opportunities at the right time.   The solution example using Brainshark for sales enablement and marketing asset management, integrated with TopOPPS for the artificial intelligence engine.  This makes this step of the one-on-one coaching a more passive process

ROI Analysis:

Understand the ROI of AI for Sales Forecasting

Research conducted by Washington University found companies using AI for Sales Forecasting and Sales Pipeline Management were able to:

  • Handle 19% more opportunities per year
  • Make 58% more money per sale
  • Reduce sales cycle by up to 59%

SiriusDecisions Research:

Foundation of an Accurate Sales Forecast

SiriusDecisions Service Director, Dana Therrien, illustrates the foundation of an accurate sales forecast. Learn how artificial intelligence increases sales effectiveness and changes how sales teams operate on a daily basis.

Expert Webinar:

A Structured Approach to Driving Holistic Predictable Revenue

In this webinar we cover:

  • Top 3 challenges to deliver an accurate forecast
  • Examples of a well structured sales proocess
  • The building blocks and advanced capabilities that support an accurate forecast