Sales Leadership & Sales Operations June 2019 Newsletter

BLOG POST: AI for Sales – Sales Pipeline Management and Sales Rep Coaching


This is the second fo two blog posts reviewing artificial intelligence use cases to support sales pipeline accuracy to understand:

  • Which deals have the highest likelihood of closing
  • Planning next steps for each opportunity
  • Tools to support the weekly 1:1s with the sales rep


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5 MINUTE VIDEO:  Three Strategies for creating an Accurate Sales Forecast


This 5 minute video covers:

  • Significance of an accurate sales forecast
  • Time based research from SiriusDecisions on success in this area
  • Three strategies for creating an accurate sales forecast  (+/- 5%)

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WEBINAR:  Zero Prep Weekly Sales Forecast Calls and QBRs – July 11, 2PM EDT


All the processes and technology can not help a sales team if you don’t have a systematic management process as a catalyst to optimize results.  This webinar focuses on the management cycle, key weekly monthly and quarterly meetings and content to optimize results.


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WHITE PAPER:  How to Run Effective Forecast Calls


This white paper highlights three things to focus on for effective forecast calls, including:

  • Focus on top deals – be succinct
  • Be objective – let a score determine top deals
  • Focus on what has changed


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GUIDEBOOK:  Work Your Deals, Not Your CRM


Learn how to cut out all the low-value, time-sucking tasks of a sales organization so there is more time for the fun stuff…strategizing to win deals!  This guidebook reveals how to overcome process compliance issues to become more strategically effective with your reps – Never ask “when is your next meeting?” ever again!  This guidebook also describes how to identify hot deals (and deals going south) with real-life opportunity scoring scenarios.


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