TopOPPS + Xactly

AI for Sales & Commission Forecasting

TopOPPS+Xactly are a powerful combination to help Finance understand the  impact of both the sales pipeline and forecast commission expense.



Predict Wins & Commissions

Machine learning and prescriptive sales insights inform management and the sales team of opportunities with a high probability to win.  CFO’s are notified of the probable compensation spend based on these highly probable wins.



Focus On the Proper Opportunities

Increase sales pipeline accuracy with TopOPPS Rep Assist and TopOPPS AI to focus on high probable opportunities that can rapidly close.  Sales reps can anticipate commissions based on highly probable opportunities.


Trust the Sales Forecast

Intelligent insights guide the sales process, provide immaculate hygiene to the pipeline and brings important details to the surface in pipeline reviews.  Prescriptive and predictive insights guide the sales rep on the sales process, shorten time to close and ultimately increase forecast accuracy.  

Gartner Market Guide:  AI for Sales Forecasting & Sales Process Execution

Receive full access to Gartner’s research on the B2B Predictive Analytics Market to learn if and how artificial intelligence is right or your sales organization.  Learn how AI builds trust and confidence in the sales forecast and pipeline for the entire sales organization.

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