Guidebooks for Sales Pipeline Management

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The Practical Guide for Analyzing the Sales Pipeline

Download this guidebook to learn how to analyze your pipeline and predict early on:

  • If you’ll hit your number.
  • How much new and total pipeline is needed and do you have enough?
  • Is the sales pipeline filling at the appropriate rate?
  • Where coaching is required because deals are getting stuck in the pipeline.
  • If you are converting what is in the pipeline at the necessary rate.

How To Eliminate Sales Pipeline “Junk”

The foundation of an accurate sales forecast is a systematically built and realistic sales pipeline.  A healthy pipeline helps sales teams focus on the right opportunities rather than all opportunities.  This guidebook focuses on how to solve three challenges with the sales pipeline that cause an inaccurate sales forecast.

  • Insufficient data
  • Inaccurate data or stale data
  • Forecast based on “happy ears” or “sand baggers”

Webinar Replay:  Raise Your Sales Coaching and Training to the Next Level

Sales Rep coaching and training is key to both sales efficiency and effectiveness.  Hear real stories and learn practical skills from industry experts to boost your sales coaching and training competency to the next level of effectiveness and drive sales.

How to Increase Conversions Throughout the Sales Process

According to research study of 9,000 companies by CSO Insights, only 48% of sales reps hit quota due to an informal sales process.  Imagine the impact if more of your reps hit quota.  This guidebook focuses on:

  • How to tell if you have an informal sales process
  • A recipe for formalizing the sales process
  • Significance of understanding the buyer/seller journey

How to Create a Winning Sales Process

This guidebook outlines four key steps to define and execute sales process rigor including:

  • Create Sales Stages within your Sales Process
  • Define Exit Criteria/Milestones for each stage
  • Analyzes the data supporting the sales stages and milestones to optimize the process
  • Use automation to enforce the sales process and to analyze it

Customer Experience

Buckner is able to Max Out Their Fleet with Predictable Forecasting

TopOPPS helps Buckner keep their heavy equipment rental calendar booked to prevent lost opportunities and reduce idle equipment. This was historically difficult because there was insufficient sales pipeline data to effectively plan.


Increase Sales Process Consistency

This 17 minute video reviews how the lack of pipeline visibility and no “actual” standard sales process contribute to inaccurate sales forecasts and what to do about it.  This recording was edited from the Educational Webinar “How to Eliminate Sales Pipeline Junk with AI for Sales

Strategy 3

AI Driven Sales Forecasting & Pipeline Management

This 23 minute video demystifies AI for Sales Forecasting.  It focuses on how an AI forecast works and how to create a rules based forecast supported by AI to perform calculations currently being done in Excel.  This recording was edited from the Educational Webinar “The Ins and Outs of AI Based Sales Forecasting