Best Practice Guidebooks

Based on Webinars from Forrester|SiriusDecisions

Hear from the experts how AI for Sales is changing the sales process, sales results, customer success and the role of the Chief Revenue Officer.  

The objective of using artificial intelligence for sales is too allow your sales team to spends less time managing the sales forecast and sales pipeline and more time WINNING!

A Structured Approach to Drive Holistic Predictable Revenue

This guidebook focuses on:

  • Top 3 challenges to deliver an accurate sales forecast
  • The groups that benefit the most from an accurate sales forecast across the organization
  • An example of a well structured sales management process
  • The building blocks and advanced capabilities that support an accurate sales forecast
  • Real world examples, key learnings and practical advice on the benefits of an automated sales process

The Sales Production Plan – Setting Sales Leadership up for Success

The link below reviews steps to sales planning and increasing predictability for both the current and future sales periods created from webinar content from Forrester|SiriusDecisions. This guidebook highlights:

  • A practical approach to connect the sales strategy with execution
  • Mastering the Sales Pipeline
  • Reverse engineering the sales forecast to sales pipeline requirements
  • A practical way of using technology to support mastering the sales pipeline and sales forecast

Driving AI-Enabled Sales Productivity

This guidebook that focuses on how progressive organizations are improving overall productivity and providing real time guidance to sales reps, sales management and senior sales leaders.

This guidebook is based on a sales activity assessment and time productivity study on sales reps, SDRS, sales managers and sales operations conducted by Forrester|SiriusDecisions. Updating the CRM system is categorized as non-core selling activities. This guidebook focuses on minimizing these activities to increase time for core selling.

Expert Webinar

Make Every Sales Rep an A-Player with “In The Moment Learning”

Sales enablement and coaching are the catalyst for growing the sales organization, yet sales learning programs often rely on dense, traditional learning delivery, even though reps prefer smaller modules of “just-in-time” learning.

  • Challenges & benefits of tradi- tional & activity-based learning
  • Examples & key learning’s on activity based learning

SiriusDecisions Research:

Foundation of an Accurate Sales Forecast

SiriusDecisions Service Director, Dana Therrien, illustrates the foundation of an accurate sales forecast. Learn how artificial intelligence increases sales effectiveness and changes how sales teams operate on a daily basis.

Independent Research:

Validates the ROI of AI for Sales

Independent research conducted by Washington University found companies using AI for Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management were able to:

  • Handle more opportunities per year
  • Make 58% more money per sale