Strategy 2 - Increase Sales Process Consistency

In this 17 minute video we:

  • First focus on sales pipeline visibility.  It is hard to have process consistency when you can’t “see” the pipeline and all related aspects of an opportunity.
  • Second, we focus on increasing process consistency through AI based and rule based alerts identifying what needs to be done next or notifies the sales rep and management if there is a problem with a particular opportunity.
  • Third we talk about an opportunity health score as a way to understand those opportunities with the highest likelihood of closing.
  • The objective of increasing sales process consistency is to better understand what is “real” in the pipeline and have a better method of predicting sales based on where the opportunity is within a consistent sales process.

As a result, your sales team focuses on the complete and balanced approach to tune the revenue engine and having predictable results!


This recording was edited from the Educational Webinar “How to Eliminate Sales Pipeline Junk with AI for Sales


Watch this presentation to understand understand how AI can bring an unbiased perspective to both pipeline reality and the sales forecast.

If this intrigues you, please request a personal demo to investigate how TopOPPS and AI can increase sales effectiveness and increase revenue certainty. 


Three Strategies for Creating an Accurate Sales Forecast

This 5 minute video reviews the baseline of what drives an accurate sales forecast and the three key strategies for creating an accurate sales forecast +/- 5%.  It also reviews time based study research and findings from SiriusDecisions on typical company experience with sales forecast accuracy.

Strategy 1

Increase Information Collected On Opportunities

This 7 minute video reviews challenges trying to collect adequate information about each opportunity and shows how world class companies are solving those challenges.  This recording was edited from the Educational Webinar “How to Eliminate Sales Pipeline Junk with AI for Sales

Strategy 3

AI Driven Sales Forecasting & Pipeline Management

This 23 minute video demystifies AI for Sales Forecasting.  It focuses on how an AI forecast works and how to create a rules based forecast supported by AI to perform calculations currently being done in Excel.  This recording was edited from the Educational Webinar “The Ins and Outs of AI Based Sales Forecasting