TopOPPS’ Integration with Yesware

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Yesware is an excellent tool that allows a sales rep to track email sends, replies, and opens automatically within Salesforce.

Why does this matter? An opportunity that has a lot of communication going on it, particularly when communication is from the decision maker to your sales rep, is likely doing well. On the other hand, an opportunity where communication is one way – the sales rep keeps emailing the decision maker but is not receiving replies back – is in a bad state.

TopOPPS allows you to pull in these events and factor them into your HealthScore, alerts, and forecast. Let’s walk through how.


It all starts with the sales rep sending an email through Yesware. Note they have the ability to choose whether or not something is tracked. This is vitally important both to reduce the noise in the CRM and for privacy concerns.




This causes the email send to show up in Salesforce immediately and automatically. Yesware places it in the Activity History of the appropriate Opportunity, based on the contacts assigned to that Opportunity.



Some time passes, and the contact then replies to our sales rep’s email! Yesware catches this automatically and immediately stores that event in Salesforce as well, under the appropriate Opportunity.



TopOPPS automatically detects both the send and the reply Yesware activities. Because the client replied, this has an immediate impact on the Momentum of the Opportunity within TopOPPS, increasing its HealthScore!



If you wish to customize the definition of how that impacts the momentum, or define additional alerts, you can do so within TopOPPS’ alert builder. Yesware email opens, replies, and sends are all available within our filter framework to be used to filter, craft alerts, or to be used as part of your forecast.



Another way to use this integration is as a negative alert. If a client has not responded within 14 days on a deal a sales rep has committed, throw a Requires Fix Alert to the sales rep, requiring them to check-in with the client on the deal. Don’t let those deals you are banking on slip through the cracks!