TopOPPS Seed Round Leads to $1.25 Million

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We are very thankful to Cultivation Capital for leading our $1.25 million seed round. With these new resources, we look to continue building our TopOPPS team and perfecting our product to ensure that it solves the needs of our clients. In addition to the funding, we will also be welcoming Cultivation Capital’s General Partner Cliff Holekamp onto our board of directors. Cliff is a seasoned and successful entrepreneur whose wisdom can be seen in the Wall Street Journal’s article on “The Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make“. He is also a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Olin Business School in Washington University in St. Louis and a supporter of the many startup competitions such as GlobalHack and SEIC. We look forward to having his experience and support on board with us as we continue to take broad steps forward. You can see the rest of the story here.